Wednesday, 10 November 2010

You gotta fight!, for the Right!!, to Party!!!

Students rioted in London today, storming the Conservative Party HQ, threw fire-extinguishers and broke windows in a "peaceful march" against the increases in fees for University Students.
Peaceful Protest?
Allegedly the President of the National Union of Students, Aaron Porter, was "appalled" by the violence.

100s of coaches carrying students and lecturers from around the country converged on London for the march and all was going well and peacefully apparently until a group broke away from the main body and moved towards Millbank.  At this point a lot of others followed that group who then had a bonfire and let off flares and banged drums prior to an obviously pre-planned attack on the thin blue line of policemen in front of Tory party HQ. The police were easily overwhelmed and beaten by the superior numbers of masked assailants egged on by students who were capturing everything on their mobile phones, presumably so that they could record Police brutality as an unarmed copper bit a steel toecapped boot of a yob.

But what is all the fuss about?

Well, basically, some years ago when only the brightest 10% of the population went to University and others attended college or took apprenticeships, that is, in the days when we had a manufacturing industrial base to the UK, some bright spark decided that selling off our Nationalised Industries was "a good thing", they also signed up to totally "free trade" which basically ment that any Tom Dick or Abe could trade INTO the UK but kept the trade barriers and tariffs in place that prevented us trading abroad.

Then the Blessed Virgin Margaret decided we could do without a coal, steel and manufacturing base and also sold off all the public utilities to foreigners, again without the quid pro quo of getting the rights of British people and firms to own shares in foreign companies in the countries that were allowed to own ours.  Hence why most of our water, electricity and gas is owned by French and German Companies and most folks don't have a clue that EDF stands for Electricite de France!!!

With our decline in manufacturing and "rationalisation" of all the other industries and "downsizing" came the advent of mass unemployment.

"What can we do??" prayed the politicians and some bright spark said "Why don't we get all the teacher training colleges, Polytechnics, Technical Colleges etc and make them into Universities? Let's also get all Unis to lower their standards and make their courses four years long instead of three, that way we can absorb a heck of a lot of the younger generation as students and that will resolve things for 4 years and when they come out with degrees they will be able to compete in the world labour market!"

And thus it came to pass, and everyone's son and daughter, no matter how thick, knew that their "right" was 4 years dossing in a poly in drag at the very least followed by a guaranteed job because they had a degree.

So now we have young people, with bright shiny degrees who have been unemployed since they left "University" who have rejection letters in the 2-300s and who are unemployable and who have college debts that they will never have to pay off because they will never earn enough to reach the threshold for the payback to start.

Whereas the real thickos who left school at 16 with no A levels and learned a trade like plumbing, plastering, painting or building are making so much money they don't know how to spend it and are in the highest demand for decades.

Student protests are not in any way a new thing, however in the past it was for something real like Banning the Bomb or trying to stop Wars, stuff that although quixotic and daft was also typical of agonized youth.

Today's cynical riots were orchestrated by left wingers and vested interests and were designed to attempt to stop a completely sensible and sane policy of ensuring that only those people who can expect to make good use of their degrees will be tempted to apply for a University and those who just want a four year doss of cheap booze and even cheaper sex will be encouraged to think again.

No-one has a "right" to a University education, it is a privilege and should be treated as such and if earned, cherished and used to the full, not wasted by having a coach trip to London and giving the police a good kicking!

Ghenghis 2010

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