Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lord preserve us from Left Wing Actors!

The latest ignorant American to grace our newspapers is that ignoramus lefty Sean Penn.

Sean Penn who was totally convincing
when he played a Stoner
Penn who apparently supports any country or Dictator that finds itself at odds with America has clearly decided a change is as good as a rest and has now decided to have a pop at his ex-Wife, Madonna's adopted country the United Kingdom.

With the same รฉlan and nonchalance, not to say ignorance of any of the actual facts barring that they were apparently left wing or totalitarian or both that he used in his support for IRAN, CUBA and VENEZUALA, and without the same diligence and experience that he used when playing a stoner (Jeff Spicoli) he has blundered in to South America and espoused the "cause" of the Argentinian President Cristina Fernรกndez de Kirchner where in order to deflect people from her appalling domestic performance she has started sabre rattling about The Falkland Islands.

Penn has stated  "I think that the world today is not going to tolerate any kind of ludicrous and archaic commitment to colonialist ideology. The way of dialogue is the only way to achieve a better solution for both nations.".

Sean, Sean, maybe your research into how to play Jeff Spiccoli was too thorough?  For your information, edification and information, the people who actually LIVE in or rather upon The Falkland Islands were balloted by the Argentine Government shortly after the same Argentine Government was sent packing with their tails between their legs after their last illegal and ill advised invasion of The Falkland Islands and said Islanders voted by over 94% to stay British.  The UK is merely defending the islanders right to self determination.

"Rabbit", said Pooh, "Kindly Fuck Off!!"
However, one has to admire your most wonderful anti-Colonial commitment Sean and one hopes that in keeping with your purity of thought and righteousness not to mention your dedication to justice in these cases, you will of course pass title for your home in Malibu back to the Mexican Government forthwith as it is a prime example of support for a  "ludicrous and archaic commitment to colonialist ideology." for you to remain on what is clearly Mexican soil.

Or to put it so clearly that even Jeff Spicolli could understand: Hey Sean, Fuck off back to your own turf and sort out your own problems before you stick your nose into mine!

Ghenghis - February 2012

Friday, 10 February 2012

Shut the FUCK up!!!!

First let's set out my stall a little, I am a Rugby man, I played at School and then as an adult, my boys played and still do and I am a supporter of Wasps and England and used to be one at London Irish when they used to be in London and have Irish players (Hint!).  So I am speaking from a prejudiced experience.

I watched the England v Scotland match, known also as the Calcutta Cup, and part of the Six Nations last week and I found the actual game quite enthralling as what should have been the underdogs, a young, naive English squad took on a more seasoned Scots team on their home turf.

The game progressed well until the penalties and the conversions and then, at the stage when most folk with a Rugby background of any sort would become deathly silent, the Booing started.  That and the counter-cheering became tumultuous,

Well, I know this will come as a surprise to all of you Johnny or Jenny-come-latelys to Rugby BUT that is something that you just DO NOT DO!!!!!

Instead, whilst the ball is being placed, you quieten down, you do not even talk, you sit there quiet and watch with bated breath and then, once the ball has been kicked and is on it's way towards the posts you can yell your heads off and cheer if it goes in your favour.
HOWEVER, even if the kick goes against you, you still clap the kicker if he scores.
Even worse, you have to politely applaud the opposition if they make a successful move against you and even worser, if they score a TRY!

Yes, I know, fucking strange isn't it?  However, it's the way that we have played Rugby for generations and it is the way that it is played today at Amateur level all round the world and at professional level at the Clubs.

Bill Mclaren must have spun in his grave at the sound of Murrayfield and all true Scots and English supporters who were there must have been beetroot red with shame at what occurred.

It isn't because we think we are too "good" to boo or that we are being prissy. It's just part of the traditions of a game that is older than any of us and which we have learned from our fathers as they learned from theirs.  It is part and parcel of the game and as much as we keep those traditions we keep others just as sacred, like the one where whatever hideous carnage and violence goes on during play and on the pitch, the supporters are unsegregated and unafraid to cheer on their own team no matter who is sitting next to them. Indeed, Rugby supporters then, at match end, shake hands and walk back together to the nearest pubs, drink together with NO VIOLENCE and eventually get on trains home together, maybe drunk, normally happy and all wearing their Team's favours.  Compare and contrast this with a soccer crowd.

So, next time you find yourself at a Rugby match and there is a penalty or conversion kick about to take place, imagine that I, Ghenghis, am standing behind you in the crowd with an axe and a good bead on splitting you in two, and SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Shut the fuck up!

Ghenghis - February 2012