Friday, 23 December 2011

Brides Head Revisited

A young lady who blogs and is referenced here (Sabrina, you know who you are!!) often writes porn of a very high calibre, whilst not being of her standard, I offer this meagre tale as a response and maybe something to turn her on a little to repay the many arousals she has given me.

As the door shut and your last Bridesmaid ran down to where their car was waiting for them you breathed a sigh of relief and inspected your make-up – all looking good, you turn to the door of your hotel room to go to where your father is waiting in the Limo.

As you open the door, I am there. You look surprised to see me and smile uncertainly.

“Just a kiss ‘Goodbye and Good Luck” I say and duck in for a kiss.

  You lift your head to me and we kiss, gently at first and then with more and more force until our tongues are fighting wildly and my hands are holding your arse.

 Feeling you melting in my arms I walk you back into the room, backwards until your legs hit the bed and you lie back, legs akimbo with your dress rising up to show pure white stockings with one blue garter.

I fall to the bed with you, kissing you madly and start to feel your breasts from the outside of your dress at first, then, as your nipples harden, I reach into your dress and scoop out first one, then both of your plump breasts.  Moving down towards them with my tongue I suckle and kiss them with great desire.

Your hands move to my penis and massage it slowly through my trousers.

I move further down and off the bed and lift your dress to reveal stockings and suspenders plus a white filmy pair of the smallest panties known to man.

I gently move them aside and lick you gently and slowly all over your clit, over your labia and down the velvet strip to your bum.

I then move back and push my tongue right inside your pussy and then lave your clit and lips with multiple forms and designs until you cum magnificently, squirting and crying noisily.

“Give me your fucking prick now!!” you cry and I stand up, take off my trousers and pants, push your panties to your ankles and slide inside your moist pussy and start to slowly make love to you.

You reach round and grab my bum and pull me in further.

You speed up your bucking and I can hold back no longer.

All too soon I come with a sob, and we lie there for a few short moments.

“The time!!” you cry and rush to your feet, slipping your boobs back inside the dress, checking your makeup in the mirror you run down to your car, leaving me in an empty room with nothing but your perfume and a very small pair of damp white panties………..

You make the Church with minutes to spare and your bridesmaids compliment you on the colour in your cheeks and the sparkle in your eye.

As you slowly walk down the aisle, all clad in white, some of my sperm trickles gently out of your pussy and down your leg where it lodges in the tops of your stockings………

You clear your mind and take your Father's arm as you walk towards the priest and your future husband. 

Ghenghis - Christmas 2011

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