Thursday, 10 March 2011

Define Hypocrisy

Sheen in better days
Today's prime candidate for the ultimate definition of Hypocrisy with a capital H must be Charlie Sheen being dumped by CBS and Warner Brothers on 7th March this year apparently for what the Americans refer to as "moral turpitude" which sort of means, too many drugs, too much booze, too much violence and generally tomcatting around.

The clearly unseen irony on behalf of his employers is that the character he plays (Or maybe played) in Two and a Half Men was Charlie Harper, a hedonistic womaniser who according to the script was either stoned or drunk most of the time, was always employing hookers in multiple numbers and the series also included violence (In one programme airing at the moment Charlie himself is beaten up badly by a returned ex (Ex Girlfriend and ex Gaolbird) who does this whilst fleecing him for loads of money and Charlie is so stoned he loves her for it.

So Art, is imitating (Charlies own) Life which apparently in turn has not only fuelled his Art but increased his Life addictions apart from funding them well and the result is a train wreck.

In words straight out of the series - "Now who could have seen that coming?"

Now Sheen, or Carlos Irwin Estevez as he was christened, is regaling everyone via Ustream with his raving and rantings cussing everyone in CBS and Warner Bros as well as showing a prime example of how his life-style has finally got the better of him.

As Dietrich memorably said in "Face Off", "No more drugs for that man!!"

Ghenghis 2011

Friday, 4 March 2011

More Questions than Answers?

A Working Girl that I have "met" recently asked me a load of questions via Twitter and it seemed more sensible if she asked them via email and I blogged a reply so here is my best effort at telling my version of the answers.

So, here they are, in her order, with my replies - if she asks supplementaries then I will edit this blog:

How did you first get into punting?

The sex in my marriage had dried up completely when my wife decided she was too old and I was too unattractive to carry on having sex.  After the usual (As I found) 2-3 years of self-abasement, denigration, embarrassment and total loss of any vestiges of dignity I decided that I was not ever again going to beg for sex and hope to get it twice a year. My constant asking was getting her down too.
I told my wife that I would stop asking her for sex and continue providing etc but would "sort myself out for sex".  I told her that if she wanted to know how, I would tell her the truth but if she did not want the truth, she should not ask me what I was doing.  She agreed and then promptly forgot this it seems.

At first I looked for "dates" but realised I did not want a relationship and so this also proved mainly fruitless as I had lost the art of "chatting up" a woman.

Then a mate introduced me to punting.  We were having a natter one day about sport and we spied a couple of nice looking ladies and discussed them and after thet he asked me if I had ever been to a "Dirty Tarts Shop". I thought he was speaking a foreign language but it was his phrase for a local brothel in East London "manned" by Chinese and Italian  ladies.  After a lot of joshing around I agreed to go with him and for the princely sum of £20, I went in to an East London derelict slum with a corned-beef legged old Scots woman smoking roll-ups and coughing up phlegm running the joint and had half an hour with a very nicely spoken Chinese lady who "loved me long time!".

For the next month I went every day!

Then I calmed down.

What methods do you use to find your next punt? e.g. AW, PN, newspapers, word of mouth, etc

I use various methods including papers, Punternet FRs, Message Boards, Mates recommendations etc plus a lot of straight Googleing.  I tend to only ever use Adultwork as a check-up resource as there are so many scams and idiots on there.  Also, a lot of my punts come via other Working Girls who ask me if I have been with their friend etc.  From time to time I get WGs ask me if I will punt them or why I have not tried punting them.

How long have you been punting?

About 20 or so years

What type of punt do you prefer? Parlour.. indie..

I like both types, in fact all types, and it mainly depends on my mood, the amount of time I have got etc as to what I do.  I also go for a massage at least once a week and sometimes this turns in to a punt too.

Have you found any differences between the above?

Only the ambience of the surroundings!  I have also seen Indies in Parlours and also taken a Parlour Girl (Many times) out to a hotel.  It is the lady that counts, not really the surroundings.

What type of punt do you consider best value for money?

One where the Lady and I connect, and make smiles.  One where I walk out feeling refreshed and sated and with a smile a mile wide. One where I hope the Lady has enjoyed it too.

What was your first punt like?

See above.  I knew the mechanics but did not know how good it would feel afterwards and very suprised at my total lack of any guilt about it whatsoever.

Do you get the feeling of excitement or thrills before/after each punt?

Yes, and I also sometimes get the shakes etc!!  LOL.  When I met two beautiful ladies recently, one British Indian and the other British Black, I quite literally had shaking hands and this only wore off after a while. They must have thought I was a drying out alkie!!  But the really stunning ladies thrill me that much!

Is punting like drugs?  i.e. the thrill wears off quickly and you have to keep punting to keep the "high"?

No, having experienced some drugs, it isn't like any of them I have tried.  If I had to go "Cold Turkey" on punting then I could do it, I am sure but I would not get the shakes, or feel ill, but I would miss it and would have to rely upon some incredible memories.  As it is, I punt twice a week and that keeps me happy and functioning.
Incidentally, everyone reckons that I am a much nicer person than I was before I started punting.

Do any of your "real time" friends and family know that you punt?

My wife and children all know I punt (My wife asked me two years ago what I was doing about sex and I had promised her the truth so I told her).  I told my sons after I had told my wife.
Some of my friends know I punt, especially the one who introduced me to it, but he now comes to me for advice on where etc to punt. 

What advice would you give to any newbie punters looking for their first experience?

Apart from "research research research", my suggestion would be to start at a Chinese massage parlour somewhere like Chinatown in Soho and see if you like that, then progress from there.  It is much the simplest route and you can pull out (as it were) at any time.

What was your best punt?

It has to be a new girl from Birmingham called Caprice at a parlour in Purley where I was her first punter and she was really ignorant of the whole scene.  We had an amazing time and I extended for two hours and she thanked me when I left.  I lost track of her shortly after that but have very fond memories of a gorgeous young lady.

What was your worst punt?

A lady called Natasha from reading.  Least said on that one as I have done an FR.  Suffice to say, never again!!  However recently I stopped mid punt with a Thai "lady" because I suspected she could be a Post Op ladyboy and no matter how much you try you can't carry on once you have thought that!

How much do you think you've spent on punting to date?

I tried working this out once and it scared me.  However if you do not count travel costs or hotels and just count the time with the lady(ies) then it must be around £300k, give or take.  So nowhere near as much as Macca.

Do you please easily?

Of course I do!!  LOL
How can anyone answer that?  I have been with some most amazing ladies over the years some now left, some married and left, some still here.  In the majority of cases I have had a good time and I have punted from 18 to 50 and from 6 to 22 in size and of all nationalities, so maybe I am easily pleased or maybe I look for the good bits and appreciate those? You would have to ask a WG or more that I have seen I suppose.

What services do you take up on your punting?

I am pretty vanilla really, I like all the normal penetrative acts including Oral and prefer that (Oral) uncovered and pref without any biting or tooth action!!  I like GFE and PSE on occasion, all sorts of positions etc sometimes like toys, swings etc have enjoyed pony play and toy shows.  I do not like anything larger than a delicate ladies digit up my anus and even that needs lube but am happy to enjoy anal when I feel like it.
I love Reverse Oral and if that is not available then it's normally a show stopper for me.  Love being massaged and that stuff is fun too!

When visiting a parlour do you ever worry that you'll be caught in a raid with your "pants down"?

No, I really don't give a shit because I know the law and I am not breaking any laws when I punt so what is to worry about?  If they allow the press in with the raid then I will get extremely feckn arsey with the local Bill until that stops.  What I do with my cock in a brothel is my personal business so Back Off Old Bill!

Do you prefer punting at home or abroad?.. reasons?

Both.  Home is simpler and more frequent but punting abroad, especially in Muslim Countries is an experience not to be denied or missed.  I have had some wonderful punts abroad and South Asian ladies have special charms, as do Asians and Africans.  Not at all keen on American WGs but maybe I have only tried the wrong ones so am open minded enough to be proved wrong there.  Nordic WGs are good too! Oh and Europeans. Oh and Russians. Not to forget.........

What type of WG do you prefer.. characteristics.. physical & personality

Physically I love decent mouthfuls of breast but once that is there larger can be great too and decent sized responsive nipples hard wired into their pussies.  I love areolae and have found after intense study that the little bumps on them are actually Braille for "suck here!".  I like pussies with flaps and something to play with when performing RO.  Apart from that size, colour etc. mean nothing bar excitement to me.
Personality wise the ladies must be friendly and like to smile a lot.  I love intelligent WGs.

What's the youngest girl you've ever punted? and oldest? (age)

Youngest 18 and oldest 50 (She said!).

What physical attributes do you like the most in each race of WG you've seen?

Breathing and a pulse.
Too many different races and too many different ladies to be able to answer that.  Apart from the above I have greatly enjoyed fucking my way around the globe and every race has attractions.

Are there some races you haven't tried but want to before you quit or kick the bucket?

I cannot recall having shagged a Maori woman yet but am happy to be proved wrong and maybe a Suomi woman from Finland....

Do you think it's possible for all women to squirt? or do you think it's only achievable with a few women?

My experience to date is that not every woman can squirt but those that do are also the ones who can be induced to have multiple orgasms by manipulation under arousal of the graffenberg spot. However, to get a lady into that state is something that takes skill and time and needs the lady in question to be relaxed and trusting.  I have known women to have not allowed themselves to relax enough to get from single (Normally clitoral) orgasm to the more powerful multiple (G Spot) orgsam.  However once there then a continued multiple orgasm is a dead cert whether fingering, laving or shagging.  Once a lady has achieved a multiple orgasm then if she will squirt, thats the time it will happen. YMMV

How did you learn and improve your oral skills? through just merely trying out new things or guidance?
Ever since I was 14 I had read tales of going down on a woman and as I experimented as a lad with girls my age I was always attracted to that as a "naughty act" and so tended to try it on all girls.  Fortunately I met a 40 year old lady when I was 17 and she appreciated this talent and helped me develop it. Once I started punting it was something I enjoyed so did more of and also read up on it, learned about "alphabets", The G Spot etc and also asked WGs what worked and what didn't.  I even met a WG who hated it and tried converting her and failed!! *blush*.  But all I can say is that practice makes perfect and the best musicians practice every day so I will do it and practice whenever and where-ever possible.

Would you say sex is better now as a punter or when you were younger and out on the "pull"?

Yes but it also means that I can pull civilians as well as I do not have any inhibitions about suggesting the ladies might like a shag.  I wish I had started punting a lot earlier.

What age would you say you got that "eureka" moment with women and realised how to please them?

First was at 18 when a girl came round on the day she got engaged and asked for a shag from me..  However my oral skills had pulled her and my shagging was pitiful so she married her fiancΓ©e.
It was probably 35 ish before I realised I could shag reasonably well.

Are you of the school of thought that when you please a woman first she'll reward you "ten fold"?

Yes, definitely. And more so.

If yes to the above... how long did it take you to realise this? what age?

I think around 27 but it certainly did not work on my wife and she used to get really annoyed at me letting her cum first and often just wanted me to jump on, cum then fuck off and let her sleep.

Do you think this is where young guys fall short?

Yes, but then again so did I.  When the young lady who just got engaged came round to shag me, I behaved like a pig and it was all about my pleasure.  I was an arsehole and it took me 10 years to apologise to her in person.  Luckily she forgave me with a shag when her husband was out!

How long are your punts? (booking time)

Normally first punt 1 hour and subsequent ones if we click 1-2 hours

Do you ever see the same woman more than once? if so.. is there a limit to the amount of times you'll see a WG?

Yes, I have seen some many many times and no there is no limit but one lady stopped seeing me after 10 visits as that was her limit per punter and I have fallen in love with a few so I am not a good yardstick on this one.

Have you ever confused your feelings of a great time, lust, great sex & fun for more than what it is?

Yes and No.  This is because to date I have had three WGs who I developed feelings for at the same time as they did for me and this ran it's course.  I have one WG at the moment who refuses to take money from me as she sees me as a type of boyfriend and when we go out for meals she insists on it being a cheap meal so she ain't a gold-digger at all.  She just likes meeting and being treated like a lady and sometimes we just play around and bathe each other and don't even have sex during an overnight, sort of sexual healing.  When we do have sex its amazing and not false on any level.  So far I have never fallen for a girl who sees me just as a punter and I have met a couple who thought I was mug enough to buy them loads of gifts etc because they claimed they were in love with me - Nah!!

Have you ever been hounded by a WG?

Only as a result of being a Mod on the Boards or because of Board interactions, not ever because of a punt.
I have been targetted by a WG because I refused to punt her or her mate and that started getting silly but if I am pushed then I get to a point where I push back and when I do that I tend to not take prisoners.  Let's just say that they and their acolytes will not pull that stunt again on me.

Do you take viagra before your punts?

Not normally no. However I have tried Viagra, Kamagra, etc etc and  have found that they all work very well if you need a little extra lead in your pencil but they also make you feel physically hot and sometimes make it more difficult to cum.
I prefer not to use them but if I do then I would normally tell the lady and explain why I needed them on that occasion so she did not think it was a comment of some sort on her attractiveness.

Have you ever felt "seedy" in any of your punts?

Good question, and was inclined to say "No", but once in South Asia I was offered a girl and immediately knew she was underage.  I not only left immediately but I bollocked the bloke who took me to the place and then told the authorities.  They advised me that as girls could marry there  at 14 and the girl was older than that, they would do nothing.  I have not punted there since and I felt dirty.
Now I insist up front that any girl I punt has to be north of 20, it keeps me sane.

I trust my candid answers have added light rather than heat and will amplify any answers if they are not clear.

Ghenghis 2011