Monday, 25 June 2012

Scottish Independence - Let's VOTE!!

Well, today marks the start of the "Better Together" campaign by a lot of Non-SNP Scots to try to persuade Scotland to vote to stay part of the United Kingdom and not ask for Independence.

Bully for them!

However, that nice Mr Toad from the Scots Nationalist Party wants them to have independence AND funding from Westminster so he can continue to spend like a paid off seaman from a round the world voyage whilst never counting the cost.

May I, in this  simple, short and unusually temperate blog humbly request ANOTHER REFERENDUM.

Can us non-Scottish UK Citizens please have a referendum as to keeping the Scots inside the Union or expelling them ?

We could have a very very simple YES/NO vote as follows:

"Should Scotland be expelled from the United Kingdom?  YES or NO"


Ghenghis 2012

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