Thursday, 29 March 2012

Where the fuck are we Dave??

In the elephant grassed plains of sub-Saharan Africa live an African pygmy tribe called the Fuqawi.  They got their name, it is said, from their habit of going on hunting trips in the elephant grass which grows to a minimum height of two metres and suddenly all stopping and jumping up and down in unison shouting "We're the Fuqawi??" or at least, that's what it sounds like.

I know how they feel.

call me Dave, I am a common person
"Call Me Dave" has now been our very earnest young cool and totally street cred Prime Minister for two years and the more I see him, the more I see a well spoken toffee-nosed aristocrat who went to all the best schools, was a member of the Bullingdon Club at Oxford and who probably thinks fagging is an excellent system but has not got a single clue about the impact that this recession is having on basic normal working people.

He can't, because he has never been one, has never had to depend on a union to negotiate a living wage, has never taken a second or third job in order to keep the roof over his head and that of his family. Has never had to make a judgement on taking the Bus or walking because he cannot afford the train. Has never chosen a holiday based on the price. Has never shopped in a Charity shop and definitely has never been round the supermarket looking for own brands food to make ends meet. Has never worried about making the mortgage payment or prayed that the car gets through it's MOT without needing repairs.

In short he is a toff and good luck to him. Just don't go on about how he eats Cornish Pasties and ordered a large one if he recalls correctly and how "jolly nice" it was too.  It smacks of slumming it Dave and just reflects that when you think of the "common people" you think "common" rather than "people" and you have to manufacture some form of patronising comment because you have never been common now have you Dave?

So David, as a direct descendant of King William the IV and as a definite Toff of the First Order, how about trying to find a member of your party who was not born with a silver spoon in their mouths to try and articulate to you honestly what impact your lack of grasp on reality is having on the common people of the UK.  Your last budget squeezed the normal tax paying workers once again but made the gap between rich and poor even wider.  You have continued to bail out and support the idiot bankers who got us into this mess but have done nothing to ease the lives of the taxpayers who have to pay for their excesses?  OK so you did eventually take away Fred the Shred's Knighthood but as it was for "services to the banking industry" then we all fell about laughing at that anyway.
When are we going to see Bankers prosecuted and gaoled for their profligacy and greed  in the face of common sense? When will we see politicians and senior civil servants axed for allowing the financial meltdown to occur??

Now apparently you next Bright Idea is to sell off part of the state owned Royal Bank of Scotland at bargain basement prices??  What sort of fucking madness is this?  Whatever you are smoking it MUST be illegal!

Fred the Shred
If you want rid of RBS, then give all of the taxpayers that are having to pay for RBS failures a fair proprtion of the shares we own.  Then we can take shareholder action against those old directors responsible. OK we will leave the poor sod in place trying to sort out the shambolic mess and he deserves a bonus, but what about the ones who were responsible?

So Dave!  Reality check. I could not give a toss about how "Jolly Nice" your West Cornwall Pasty Company Cornish Pasty was, or even where you bought it, but I would love to have some good news about jobs, small businesses, growth and "The Economy Stupid" !!

Once again Dave, where the fuck are we?

Ghenghis 2012

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