Sunday, 4 December 2011

Lips of an Angel

"And I know I wanna say goodbye
But girl you make it hard to be faithful
With the lips of an angel"

STOP!!  Before you read any further, yes this IS about pussy lips and is NOT about facial lips.  OK, now we have that damn straight, and you are clearly still here, read on...............................

Pussies are like fingerprints.
No, I don't think that the Metropolitan Police (Or Old Bill as we still know and love them as) will ever decide that taking pussy prints will be as effective at  catching villains as fingerprints (Although if anyone wants to fund me into taking pussy prints for a National Database they will find my rates VERY reasonable) but I have to make the point that every pussy is different.

Now virtually every bloke knows this but, and I personally found this to be amazing, is that most women, especially those in the sex industry, do not seem to know that there are one heck of a lot of different pussies out there.

Now ask a bloke if his best mate has a big or small dick and is circumcised or not and I will bet you any money that he knows and has also secretly envied him for years if it is bigger or gently thought of him as inferior if it is smaller!

Why is this?

Is it because all blokes are closet homosexuals really?  Nope.
Is it because most women are confident in their own attractions and do not want or need to check out the opposition? Double Nope.

I think the answer probably lies in the way each sex pees and a phenomenal invention called The Urinal.
Blokes, because they piss standing up have plenty of opportunity when growing up to see another guy peeing, either au-naturel in the countryside or in a Public/Pub toilet.  Any blokes reading this?  Try telling me that you have never checked out the opposition's equipment when you can and hoped to God you didn't get caught peeking.

Whereas the Ladies would find it much more difficult in the time between a hairless pre-pubescent pussy and a shaved pussy to actually do similar. So Ladies, the first two charts are for your use so you can get a good look at what the opposition have to offer and with some dexterous use of a hand held mirror (Careful as despite appearances the secretions of a pussy are lousy to clean glass with) you can check up on your undercarriage and compare.

Of course removal of the pubic hair, in whole or part, adds to the visibility and attraction (In my humble opinion although others may disagree) of a pussy and once it is removed then adornments and decorations, even paint or tattoos, become accessible to the more adventurous of the ladies.

Although in a previous Blog I have likened the appearance of a nude and spread pussy to an opened Mussel (And been taken to task by some for my presumption) and despite some ladies of my acquaintance referring to it as their "Clam", I have always thought it reminded me more of an Oyster. No, not that strange blue card they use in London but the shellfish once opened. Not because of the taste, although some ladies on warm days seem to develop an "Eau du Poisson" flavouring, a nicely washed and presented pussy tastes like heaven. 

Men also take every opportunity when looking at porn, once they have stopped being green with envy at the size of the todger of the actors, to actually check out the shape of the blokes and see if they are roundheads or cavaliers.  They also check out the pussies on show for a host of reasons but one is to decide which type they find visually most appealing.

So ladies, next time you are in a position to be able to check out another lady's vaj, not only take a quick butchers, but tell her that you would appreciate a close-up inspection of her lady parts and offer to return the compliment.

You will be given a new perspective on life and who knows, you may even find it becomes a new Hobby!

All the best

Merry Christmas


December 2011


  1. What your comments tell me is you are either young, naive, or both. It also says you are trying to force your personal fantasies to be reality

    When females are girls, they are much more mature and aren't subject to social stigma like males. Before puberty girls pretty much all look the same and unlike boys, if they look at or touch another girl (non-sexually), there aren't a bunch of ladies calling them gay or fags

    When girls start to mature or begin puberty, they can actually look, sometimes in a playful way compare even touch their changing bodies without others creating a homophobic crisis.when they are teens and bodies are now more developed, thats when they start having feelings of insecurity, but it has nothing to do with pubic hair or vagina's. It is breast size! If a woman is standing nude and they have the opportunity to cover one area, they will always cover their breast leaving their vaginas out.They don't have the stigma that male boys have at a young age.

    Boys, (even those who are gay or may have some sort of homosexual tendencies) are often bullied through words or machismo at an early age. It is taboo to look at another males private area from as early as they can remember. A little boy may be innocently curious, and peek a look but men have an uncanny 6th sense when they feel eyeballs on their penis. If with a parent, the parent will be teased "looks like your boy is in the wrong bathroom" or if alone may not understand the comment but know exactly why he is being commented on. There is no warning period, you just don't do it. Period. (maybe not in europe) No matter if your in a "gang shower" or 15 men and boys pissing in a trough, you learn to put the blinders on at a very early age, less you be severely and unconditionally ridiculed.

    We have more to look at at an early age, but not a lot of looking goes on. hell, bathrooms are a lot like church or a library. (Unless you are from europe or outside the U.S.) Words are not spoken in a bathroom. You may hear a huge fart, and lowly laugh, but someone better be on fire or looking at your penis if you're talking. Looking or comparing penis's don't happen to truly heterosexual males. Even watching porn. We don't mind seeing a woman getting a mouthful or faceful of sperm (its a.good thing for males in general as a prideful "look what we are capeable of doing" thing, but I'm not concentrating on his member.

    I hope this really clarifies forced fantasy into reality and plain mature reality. (If your not european or live outside the U.S.) and if you are male and your comparing or sneaking a peak, you may have homosexual tendencies, regardless of what psychologists say is the norm. Men that live outside the U.S. tend to be more feminine and bi-curious then U.S. men. It is hard to catagorize them.

  2. Sorry but I just saw tghis and published it.
    My thoughts on this are that before you post pretentious comments on someone's blog you should read the Blog and also the description of the Blogger.
    I am neither young nor naive but I am also not a pretentious dickhead either - feel free to comment again when you have actually read more than you though you had read.