Thursday, 7 October 2010

Life, the Universe and Everything!!

Or : Why doesn't that bitch answer me?

First published earlier this year.

A recent terminally long thread on Punternet which had us all writhing and yelling at our screens indicated to me that there was a need to take some of the unconsciously ignorant among us and educate them into awareness, hence this post.
Please sit down before reading further as the shock might leave you unable to stand unassisted.
The thing you need to know is:
Working Girls actually have an existence when they are not flat on their backs being rogered senseless by you the super-stud and legend in your own lunchtime.
I know this is shocking so lets give examples.

  • They eat, defecate and sleep.
  • They in some cases have families
  • They in some cases are in a relationship
  • They in some cases are looking for a relationship outside their profession
  • They in some cases keep fit
  • They clean their house or flat
  • They shop
  • They drive to do their shopping
  • They wash clothes and bedding etc
  • They sometimes read books, watch TV or go to the cinema (Some, shockingly do all three!!)
There are many more things they do.
So when some bloke with a hard on texts them and is sitting in his hotel room wondering why, ten minutes later, at 2am, "she" has not tugged on her stockings and sussies, slapped on the lippy, bunged the mace spray in the handbag and legged it over pronto to room 1764 at the Berkhampstead Holiday Inn Express, maybe they will take two minutes to reflect upon the above?
Having said all that, clearly it is great if you do get a text back quickly when you text a WG but remember that is just the fact that at that point the lady in question has the time to do it.
Ghenghis March 2010


  1. You missed the one other reason. They might be with another client. And all clients hate it when the lady answer a call part way through.

  2. You missed an obvious one. They might be with a client. And most clients hate it when the lady answers a call part way through a booking.

  3. Yep, I love it! Never a truer word spoken G..
    I've had dicks calling me from Nigeria, Spain and USA at 2am. Maybe they think I'm going to teleport to the airport in my sussies, international flight for a 15 min quickie!

    You can please some of the people sometimes, but you can't please all the people all the time *pft*