Friday, 8 October 2010

Bacon fried, squinty eyed.............................

........and if you remember those lyrics you are as ancient as me!

Came back from Sunny Malta (35 degrees, to the UK and brought back my terrible cold that I had taken with me that had already gone on for a week. Got to bed about 11pm and from 0700 the next morning all the usual shit came in but in tsunami proportions! Had a day of that and went to bed about 1am thinking "early start and get on!".  Woke at 6am, had a pee and went back for the last hour................DISASTER!!!!!  Woke up at 10.20am, late for work and now running on empty trying to play catch up!  The only advantage is this poxy cold which is still with me and makes me sound like the living dead!!

Wanted a punt too today but that will be overtaken by events soddit!

Ah, well, Thank Duck it's Friday!!

Ghenghis - on the move

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