Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Fluffy and Neanderthal Posters

According to a lot of punting websites there are two types of Punter who post on them, they are respectively known as Fluffies and Neanderthals.

The Fluffy is characterised by his critics as being someone who will always think the Working Girl (WG) is right no matter what. He will take any amount of crap from her including lateness, not answering emails, texts or calls, failure to turn up for an appointment, not being anything like the published photos and changing the prices or services available at a stroke and normally after he has arrived.  In short he is a total wimp and grateful to be shagged under any circumstances. His critics are sure that he will pay for three hours and have five minutes sex and the other two hours fifty-five sitting round drinking tea, admiring her chintz or having a shower.
The fluffy on the other hand, sees himself as a respectful punter who regards the lady in question in a respectful manner.
The Neanderthal is seen by his critics as being a thick, knuckle dragging, window licker whose only virtue is that he has the money to pay for a shag.  However, he does not regard the WG as a human being, more as a lump of meat to get rid of his urges into in the shortest possible time, a pump and dump merchant who bemoans the fact that WGs do not all provide a ten minute service and will not pay more than £120 per hour (and that begrudgingly) and will only overnight in places like Thailand where sex is “cheap as chips” !
The Neanderthal on the other hand sees himself as a normal working class bloke who “tells it as it is”, believes in value for money and who believes that the punter is far superior to the WG who earns more than a surgeon on far less talent and should be on minimum wage if he had his druthers.
However, apart from those two stereotypes,  there is also the “normal” punter/poster, who believes in doing a good amount of research before spending his hard earned cash on the lady of his choice but who also appreciates the fact that the WG is a human being with thoughts and feelings and who can also get a lot of enjoyment out of the encounter apart from those gained whilst spending his hard earned on her Louboutins .
That sort of punter appreciates a chat in order to break the ice, a drink (Even if it’s only tea) and then slowly getting down to “making smiles” in a civilised manner. He also appreciates ladies who are not clock watchers and who are prepared not to have a full 60 minutes of pumping away a la porn flick but also not to shove the bloke out the moment he has cum.  He is not looking for love (Which will be dealt with in a future Blog) nor is he looking to push the boundaries but he is looking for fun and value for money.
Ghenghis  2010-10-06

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