Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Punting as a Hobby

First thing to say is that if you are happily married and totally sexually compatible with your wife and you have no problems in the bedroom then punting is not for you at all.
Men punt for a variety of reasons which include:
·         Little or no sex at home for a number of reasons including ; women losing interest in sex, physical incompatibility, changes in both partners
·         Long periods of abstinence caused by travelling
·         Men are polygamous and women are monogamous *
·         They can
·         They think they can get away with it
·         They have extremely high sex drives as opposed to women *

*And many other varieties of bullshit

However if you are thinking of embarking upon the new Hobby of Punting there are a few things to consider:

These include:

·         Your partner/girlfriend/spouse ‘s feelings should you have one
·         The effects on your life, family, friends, employment etc should you be “outed” as a punter.
·         Can you afford it?
·         Can you really afford it if you get obsessive about it?
·         The health implications of not strictly observing safe sex conditions
·         How you will arrange and maintain regular GUM (Genital Urinary Medicine) Clinic visits on a 2/3 monthly basis?
·         How access to “unlimited” numbers of beautiful and available women will affect your psyche
·         What do you hope to gain out of it?
I have had a very long “career” of punting on several different continents and in a great many countries with differing religions and laws and so far I have been extremely grateful that the friend who introduced me to the hobby did so, I just wish I had started earlier.  In my personal case then I feel that starting around 40 would have been optimum for me to have started and I would never recommend anyone below 30 to start.
I haven’t a clue if this sort of Blog is of any interest to anyone and in any case will be writing ramblings like this more for my own pleasure than because I think I am some 21st Century Hemingway.
If you like it, tell me and also if you want topics covered then feel free to ask me.
Ghenghis  2010-10-06

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