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(Most of this post originally posted in 2009)
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The Poppy Project http://www.eaves4wom...PPY_Project.php  was set up in 2003. It is funded by the Office for Criminal Justice Reform (reporting to the Ministry of Justice) to provide accommodation and support to women who have been trafficked into prostitution. It has 54 bed spaces in houses nationally.

As has been said in other places, including   , as it's very raison d'etre is to fight trafficking (Which any right minded person would agree is the only correct course) then it needs to prove that there is in fact something to fight in order to continue to receive it's funding from the Government. The same Government who trot out all those extremely dubious statistics on the level of said trafficking.

Apparently in return for the outreach and also the bed spaces, they receive £3.6M pa for their work.

They claim to have had 700 referrals since they were set up in 2007.
That works out at a cost of approx £100,000 per referral or £700,000 per bed even if all of those beds are occupied.

Indeed, using the same poor mathematics and extrapolation that they use themselves, it could be argued that, if you take their usage of "short term" accommodation as being 6 months each that for every 7 women referred to Poppy, only 1 meets the criteria to be helped. That is a 14% conversion rate from referrals to clients.

So do we need to have a good look at how the last Government were using taxpayers money to fund a propaganda organ for the Government that Harriet Harman was using dishonestly in order to prop up her quasi-feminist agenda.

Now clearly, as a man, I am already totally suspect to even comment on these matters however a short examination of my total posting record on places like
PunterNet Forum will show that I am totally against trafficking and always recommend alerting the Police or Crime Stoppers if you even suspect, let alone have proof of, trafficking.  It is an
evil crime that completely wrecks families and lives and I would advocate the death penalty for those who perpetuate slavery of this nature in today's world. 
However, I also truly believe that all of the women I have met to date whilst punting have been free, independent women who have made a choice as to how they earn their living.  If I even suspected differently I would immediately contact  Crimestoppers or the Police.

Also, although I have never knowingly spoken to anyone from Poppy or the Eaves Project some Working Girl friends have advised me that when questioned by Eaves Project personnel it was obvious that I am regarded as a very unsavory character.

Another smokescreen is the statistic thrown up about how many prostitutes have been assaulted etc during or as a result of working. Clearly this statistic looked at sensibly strongly underlines the need for sensible legislation and regulation so that a woman choosing to be a prostitute can work in a safe and legally protected manner.  The current legislation as rushed through by the last Government and as yet unchanged by the coalition Government actually lessens the possibility of this happening and indeed would force Punters to keep schtum about anything they suspect for risk of prosecution as the way the law stands today it is strict liability.

It is also plain crazy to have a world where when prostitutes are assaulted by rivals or their pimps, the police are more interested in the prostitution angle than they are in the assault and future safety of the lady involved.

So, I think it is well past time that we all started to challenge wherever possible the Harriet Harmans, John Sentamus and Poppycock of this world with the truth and facts.

They are relying on us, both punters and prostitutes, to want to keep out of sight on this one and so they are (As has been said elsewhere) winning the propaganda war.

We now several journalists who are open minded enough to be wanting to know our side of the story. Let's give it to them.

Prostitution is NOT illegal and nor is Punting, so let’s try and ensure that the real illegal activities such as trafficking are highlighted and fought as a community.  Let’s get sensible legislation to keep women who choose to be prostitutes freely as a job safe in their occupation.

Ghenghis 07/10/2010

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