Monday, 11 October 2010

My Sat Nav told me to do it!

Or shit for brains!

Yet another day when some half-wit (If someone that thick even has half) has blamed their Sat Nav for their having the driving abilities of Aunty Nelly's pet goldfish and clearly a driving licence printed in crayon!

In the popular press you have tales of ambulance-men with brains that most folks would wipe telling you how a move of a patient between two North London hospitals necessitated a round trip via Leeds and three full tank refuels!! [ NOTE to NHS, do a basic intelligence test before employing these cretins!  If they do not know that Leeds is different to London or even that the M1 is a motorway leading North and is unlikely to link two North London hospitals then send them back to Regents Park to live with the others in the monkey house!]

Then you get people who try to drive down one-way streets against the flow because their outdated software told them to do it!  No, first you learn how to drive and then you use aids as an AID, NOT as a brain replacement.  Whilst on that subject, if your wife or other passenger told you to do that, would you not just call them a prat and not do it?  Anyhow, if your satnav still does that, get a new satnav with up to date maps etc.

I rather like my latest satnav (Which unfortunately they stopped selling because it was so bloody good and the manufacturers are French!!) which is a Via Michelin which also has built in software that warns you of what the police cynically call "Safety Cameras" in public and privately refer to as ATMs, as well as bends and schools etc.  It also has a lovely built in goody that calls up FM traffic jam information and inserts it into warnings.  If the road is blocked or very slow it will also automatically route you around it IF you want it to.  It is your choice and again, you get to drive using them as aids, not as instructions, given personally by Jehovah on Mount Sinai on tablets of stone.

So, in short, if you have got a genuine driving licence having passed a UK driving test and a small amount of road experience plus a modicum of basic intelligence then it should be extremely possible to us a satelite navigation aid without running into a canal or going from London to Guildford via Scunthorpe or even running out of petrol because the satnav forgot to tell you to fill up.

It's a simple device that is a great boon to sensible motorists and if you fuck up using it then it is you that is in need of recycling at not the Tom Tom!

Ghenghis 2008-10-11

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