Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Philip Green and hot air!

or don't bullshit a bullshitter!

Philip Green the "Monaco Based Businessman" (What's all that about then??  Tax haven??) has been telling us all about the waste in the public services and what he says makes a lot of sense ( BBC Interview with Philp Green ).

However, when reading his report I suddenly was reminded about throwing stones and greenhouses.

It was while I was in the USA for the first time that I was in a shopping Mall in Nowhere Louisiana I went into no less than three outlets whilst shopping for Levi Jeans. I was amazed to find that there were at the very least 1000 pairs of Levi Jeans on show in each outlet. If you multiply that by the number of Malls in the state and the number of States in the USA then the USA alone has billions of pairs of usold Levi Jeans sitting on their shelves.  This is in the land of trade and industry where anything regarding social policies is met with almost armed resistance!!

Now, if you then look at the situation for Levi Jeans around the globe then accept there are billions of pairs unsold on the shelves, what would you call that if not "waste" Mr Green??  Then take every other garment in the outlet and do the same extrapolation.  The results are simply frightening and you have to wonder if all of those garments were paid for by the retailers or are on sale or return? If the former then it is retail waste, if the latter it is bullying by retailers on manufacturers, either way it is sinful.
£20M Birthday Bash for 55th Birthday

Now Mr Green, I completely agree with cutting out waste in public services but if you Retailers cut out a lot of waste in your sector then prices would drop and I would have enough money to pay back the debt that your capitalist Banker brethren have stuck me with!

Meanwhile, a Happy Belated  55th Birthday Philip, I am sure the £20M you spent on your birthday party was worth every penny and no waste whatsoever!

Also, I am sure the sunshine is the main reason for you being based in Monaco but are there any other reasons??  Fiscal ones perhaps???

Ghenghis 2010

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