Saturday, 30 October 2010

TLAs, love me or hate em?

More and more AWFs and AWMs are using TLAs and that makes life very confusing.
OK, we have all learned that eating an FEB until we are FTB is AOK but we find ourselves asking WTF do all these TLAs mean?

Someone tweeted that she was very much UTR today and I was a little worried as I quite fancied her and thought she might have been referring to an STI or STD so I started looking up local (To her) GUM clinics but then realised she mean't Under The Radar so stopped worrying.

We all do it and some TLAs and FLAs actually make their way into common parlance, at least according to the OED, and sometimes even longer ones make it like ROTFLMAO etc.

However, to the uninitiated they are often puzzling and even when you look at them contextually they often puzzle you.

So the next time you go to use a TLA or an FLA, think of the poor noobs who may be puzzled and spell it out for them.


Ghenghis 2010

TLA = Three Letter Acronym
FLA = Four Letter Acronym
FEB = Full English Breakfast
FTB = Full to bursting OR fit to burst
AOK = All OK
WTF = What the fuck?
AWF = Average White Female

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