Sunday, 17 October 2010

Blame it on the Bizet

The Music made me do it

On £33,00 a year benefits she needs entertainment

During the Summer  (2010) we saw some violent incidents in the North of England which culminated in the death of the killer who had been on a spree. In one such case, that of Raoul Moat, the aftermath was even more bizarre than the killing spree as his death attracted complete knobheads to pledge their allegiance and support on Facebook as well as one welfare benefits unmarried Mother of eight children, Teresa Bystram to take two of her sons to his funeral “for a day out!”. Bystram, who said that Moat was “a good role model for her sons” was also quoted as saying “it was better than Legoland” – quite!
However one of the other bizarre things to come out of this tragedy was claims that the steroid driven lunatic could have been prompted into thinking his actions were completely justified by the lyrics of Jimi Hendrix singing “Hey Joe”.
In that 60’s ballad Hendrix warbles about “Joe”, who “went down to shoot my old lady, I caught her messin round with another man!”.
Well, apart from some of the dafter conspiracy theories surrounding the US Government actually blowing up the Twin Towers at 9/11 this has to be one of the biggest loads of old bollocks that I have ever read!
All through the ages there have been books and songs about men who take their partner’s infidelity (Real or imagined) so badly that they have taken the ultimate step, indeed Bizet’s Opera “Carmen” is about just that subject and it was first shown in 1875.

Carmen by the chinese

The boot was on the other foot in “Frankie and Johnny” where she shoots him for infidelity but in neither case has that been used as a defence in court! Honesty may be the best policy but insanity is the better defence!
There have been many others, including “Leroy Brown” and when it comes down to justifying indiscriminate murder then you could also cite “Mack the Knife” as  your justification although followers of Fuji Minx may just claim "The Music made me do it".
However, all of this is just bullshit and no sane person takes the life of another except in self defence or as the member of the Armed Forces or Security and Police Forces.
However, because it has never yet been offered as a defence, does not mean it might not strike a chord with the Jury so, next time you are in trouble for excessive jealousy, don’t blame it on the sunshine, don’t blame it on the moonlight, don’t blame it on the good times, blame it on the Bizet!

Ghenghis 2010-10-17

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