Monday, 9 May 2011

What a slut!!!

Thousands of women in the US and Canada have been marching on "slutwalks" against a police officer in Toronto's use of the word "slut" in a derogatory sense; apparently he said that "women should try not to dress like 'sluts' in order not to be victimised and raped".  He clearly failed his sensitivity training as well as proving himself to be a first class dickhead however the article did tickle my fancy in a number of areas:

This is probably because to start with, most of my harlot sorority friends call me the "male slut" or "mantart"!!  However it could also be because most ladies tend to dislike being labelled, and especially as a tart, trollop or slut.

However, clearly the US and Canadian ladies are made of sterner stuff and demand their right to be as slutty as possible and to reclaim the word slut much as the "Gay" community reclaimed the word "queer"! (??)

Personally I wouldn't mind claiming the word "Gay" back from them if they are finished with it and providing they wash it first!

However I digress.

If being a slut is to dress well and to look extremely attractive to all us men and to dress to impress then I for one am all for it however I do think that they need to really think this out properly so as to keep all of us Hoochy Coochy Men from making the grave error of thinking a slut, slattern, or trollop is in reality a whore, harlot, jade, prostitute or Tom and thus offering her pictures of the Queen in return for the unbridled passions of carnal congress and thus both committing the crime of importuning as well as being likely to get your face slapped or the attentions of an irate husband/boyfriend.

Maybe they should wear badges?

I thought.................................................

but then I realised, they already have one!!

So then I was really, well, foxed, not to put too fine a point on it.
All of these fine upstanding, marching and protesting women, instead of getting good wholesome exercise strutting their stuff on a pole in a dingy club where you expect Ho's and sluts are instead wearing badges proclaiming their moral turpitude in the High Street in order to stick it to the man (Which when you come to think of it is a complete role reversal).  On a personal note I hope they really get into it and start wearing tartier and tartier clothing as it will really brighten up my week even if in the long run it does put insurance premiums up through the roof!  

So, what is next for these ladies?  Once they have paraded half-naked and with 9" see-thru acrylic heels in their stockings and suspenders and waspies, will they progress to rubbing themselves suggestively on street furniture or eachother and occasionally dropping to their knees to give fellatio to passing strangers? Exactly how far will these women go in order to disprove the myth that dressing and acting like a slut is dangerous around uncontrolled men?

I think we should be told!!

Ghenghis 2011

Maybe the cops should dress sexier?