Friday, 15 October 2010

Yanks & Banks!

or why do we ever listen to either?

Today around 6am a little indian (South asian, not "native american") chappie drove through the gloom in his beat up Astra and climbed through the foothils of Mount Khan to the yurt where he was perplexed as usual at the lack of letter box. Discretion being the better part of valour he decided not to open the flap of the yurt because of fear of attack from "Killer", the Battersea reject part Staffie, part Cerebus that guards it and instead dropped it on the "welcome" mat made from the pubic hair of captured foes.  "It" being our "Times" which shows you where I get some of my sillier ideas from!

Gottle a gear
 An hour later on opening the yurt flap for a morning slash, I narrowly avoiding urinating on the front page as well as Killer who was making her usual break for freedom and a chance to worry the nearby mountain goats.

On reading it, I almost wished I had obliterated it with Ghenghis water as the first thing I saw was a directive from Hillary Clinton to the UK to not perform spending cuts on our armed forces bacause she felt it would harm the NATO alliance.  ???????????????????????????????????  Not for the first time it struck me, what the fuck has Hillary Clinton taken (Or her Boss Barry Obama) to think that they can tell us how to spend our money?   Now I have a lot of time for Hillary, after all, she let her hubby screw around a hell of a lot as long as he kept her in comfort, and her social status stayed high and let's face it First Lady is a good gig for a bottle blonde. BUT, since she lost the election because the Yanks will elect a black MAN before they will elect a WOMAN, she has got a little too up herself and this is a prime example.

Hillary, IF your bloody bankers* had not invented Prime Sub Mortgages and brought us all to the brink of destruction due to their epedemic greed, applauded by your US Government, then we would have more than enough bloody money to afford Trident and a load more troops, aircraft carriers etc to be able to give legitimacy to US World Domination plans.

Also, the last time we were in deep shit as a country and you "helped" us, it took us 60 years to repay the debts we incurred, even though you let the enemy off theirs quickly!  As an aside, we also lost a lot of prime real estate too!

So dear Hillary, get back in your box!

Thank you to the Guardian

*Speaking of Bankers!!!!! If the Times today is to be believed then our greedy little shits who run British Banks have a heck of a lot to explain about how they have been propping up Iran over the years and aiding them to avoid sanctions.  IF this is true, then there must be prosections and heavy sentences.
I still think that taking one in ten bankers and decorating lamposts with gibbets in the City of London, pour encourager les autres, would be a good thing but if this is proven after the banking fiasco then all the chiefs plus double decimation would be in order!

Ghenghis 2010

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