Thursday, 10 March 2011

Define Hypocrisy

Sheen in better days
Today's prime candidate for the ultimate definition of Hypocrisy with a capital H must be Charlie Sheen being dumped by CBS and Warner Brothers on 7th March this year apparently for what the Americans refer to as "moral turpitude" which sort of means, too many drugs, too much booze, too much violence and generally tomcatting around.

The clearly unseen irony on behalf of his employers is that the character he plays (Or maybe played) in Two and a Half Men was Charlie Harper, a hedonistic womaniser who according to the script was either stoned or drunk most of the time, was always employing hookers in multiple numbers and the series also included violence (In one programme airing at the moment Charlie himself is beaten up badly by a returned ex (Ex Girlfriend and ex Gaolbird) who does this whilst fleecing him for loads of money and Charlie is so stoned he loves her for it.

So Art, is imitating (Charlies own) Life which apparently in turn has not only fuelled his Art but increased his Life addictions apart from funding them well and the result is a train wreck.

In words straight out of the series - "Now who could have seen that coming?"

Now Sheen, or Carlos Irwin Estevez as he was christened, is regaling everyone via Ustream with his raving and rantings cussing everyone in CBS and Warner Bros as well as showing a prime example of how his life-style has finally got the better of him.

As Dietrich memorably said in "Face Off", "No more drugs for that man!!"

Ghenghis 2011

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  1. Chazza looks rough! He's seen better days.
    Trouble with celebs is that where does fantasy end and reality begin? They don't have much to keep them grounded.

    When they are "normal" like Will Smith and his family, they're slated for being boring.

    Ah well, you can please some of the people sometimes, but you can't please all the people all the time.

    Besides, isn't all publicity good publicity for celebs?