Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Special Offer For the Ladies!!!

Due to the recession, everyone is finding money hard to come by and with Christmas coming up I have decided to make a GENUINE CHRISTMAS SEASON OFFER to all the lovely ladies out there no matter what creed, colour or nationality.

Ladies YES YES YES this offer is open to you 

I am offering a 4 hour dinner date with at least TWO FULL HOURS of "personal time" where I will ensure that you have at least TWO ORGASMS and if you are capable, MULTIPLE ORGASMS & SQUIRTING! All for the knock down price of £100 (Plus Dinner).

My PLEASURE is your PLEASURE and the object of the exercise is to have you left feeling satiated with no regard whatsoever for my state of arousal or otherwise at the end.


In order to ensure that I am fully capable of meeting your DEMANDS and can put in my best efforts I will only take ONE BOOKING PER DAY/NIGHT.  GUARANTEED.

Furthermore, in the unlikely event that you are not left feeling completely satiated at the end of the date, you will get a FULL REFUND, GUARANTEED and all you will have to pay for is the meal and the room.

REMEMBER - No Glove, No Love and Knickers are optional.


Offer ends January 31st 2011

Ghenghis 2010


  1. Giggle, that was entertaining whilst I drank coffee this morning.


  2. ooooh but who pays? sounds an offer xx