Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Google is your friend!!

Or, stop being such a lazy bar steward!
The number of people who ask dumb questions on Twitter or Bulletin Boards who seem incapapble of doing a simple Google search or whatever search engine they have amazes me.
Surely if they have access to a PC and t'Internet then they also have access to a search engine?
If so why not use it BEFORE asking the dumb questions?
In the same way that trade names, such as Aspirin and Hoover have been absorbed into the English Language as generic descriptions, so for example, a lot of people refer to "doing the hoovering" or "hoovering it up"  whilst using a Dyson or an Electrolux, searching the net and "Googling" are now synonymous terms it seems.
Also, it takes less time to type your query into Google than to post a tweet or to post something on a bulletin board so all people are doing is underlining their lack of knowledge and also their inability to use the tools.
Whist on the subject of "The English Language", can we please have more software and hardware manufacturers using the term "English" as a stand-alone and only referring to "American English" when using that particular bastardisation?  It would also be in everyone's best interests if alphabetical lists of countries when registering equipment and software did not start off
Believe it or not, the USA is NOT the centre of the universe, and it just betrays the abject ignorance of Americans to suggest different.
Anyone wanting to know where the centre of the Universe actuall is should google it.
For those too lazy, this is the result: 20101

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