Thursday, 18 November 2010

It could be YOU!!!

Another of those : "If I was in charge of things" blog entries.

If it was up to me I would say "Thanks Camelot, you have taken what was a very high producing Cow and are now producing just a dribble of what it could do." and take it away from them.

Do you remember when the lottery started?  There were seriously life-changing amounts being won and a great many more people took part in the lottery than do now.
Why have people stopped playing the Lottery?

"You are more likely to be struck by lightning than to win the lottery!"

Now that one is clearly absolute bollocks as if every week someone in the UK or in fact several people in the UK, were struck by lightning then all our houses and buildings would have massive lightning conductors as they have in Johannesburg, and people would never go out in a storm, let alone play golf or go near trees.
Also, it would be headline news and questions would be raised in the House.

So why do people play less?

Well, in my opinion it is because Camelot got overtaken by greed and lost the plot.

Instead of ONE large lottery every week, they brought out several different games and ran them twice a week. Having a small flutter without spending out on all of them became very difficult and so some folk just decided to stop altogether.  Also, with so many games to choose from, the top prizes got far smaller and so were less attractive to someone who wanted to bet a quid in the hopes of going LARGE as a multi-millionaire.

So, if I was in charge, I would take it, scrap all other games except the UK Lottery every SATURDAY at 7pm with a rollover every time the jackpot was not won and only that one game.

I would also keep the EUROMILLIONS Lottery every Friday because that prize is seriously worth winning and it is still well supported.

The greater revenue accumulated in total would mean far more money for worthy causes and so everyone's a winner.

So Richard Branson, if you are reading this, next time around bid for it using this paradigm change and you have my vote mate!

Ghenghis 2010

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