Friday, 5 November 2010

Getting our own Back

Bloody Sunday - Dublin
Eire’s (Ireland’s to you and me) Fine Gail TD (Like an MP but Irish) Michael Ring in a debate in the Dail Eirann (Irish Parliament) has suggested that "Although we have our independence now, perhaps we should hand the country back to the Queen and apologise for the mess we have made of it.
"When Britain was running the country, at least it did not leave us in such a mess or in the hock we are in now.”
Now clearly dear Michael, broth of a boyo though he is, was probably joking, may I just say here on behalf of the average Brit, “No fucking way Jose!!”??
Michael me bhoy, you cannot seriously think that after all the total shite we have been through ranging from Michael Collins and Eamon de Valera, your boyos blowing up the Post office in O’Connel Street and the decades of total mayhem that we have had to put up with both in Northern Ireland or indeed on the British Mainland that we would ever want you lot back?
We would rather that there was a trench dug about 22 miles wide and filled with the Irish Sea Water to make the separation more realistic.
Oh, and you can take McGuinness and his hairy mate back with you too as we do not need spongers in our Parliament even if they do get there due to our idiotic rules that allow Southern Irish citizens to vote in UK elections.
Don’t get me wrong, you have a great country, great booze and what you term Whisky, and good wholesome food and rather attractive women but you are you own separate country and we can be the greatest of friends in the future, but YOU ARE NOT FAMILY!  So, well done on the humour Michael but thanks and No thanks!

Ghenghis 2010

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