Sunday, 14 November 2010

A bear called Muhammad and Poppies

This week another solemn event, Remembrance Day, was marred by a small group of so called "Muslims" apparently claiming to be Godly men and burning a Poppy at 11am before marching in protest in London.
They were only prevented from getting a severe beating from people who found this offensive in the extreme by our British Police who they publicly vilify.  This group claims "We do not respect the Poppy, we do not respect the British war dead and we do not respect the police" and yet they were more than happy to be protected from a counter protest from the far right.

Cast you mind back to the cynical and outrageous reactions to the cartoon in Denmark of Mohammed and the disgraceful treatment of a Primary school teacher who allowed her class to name a bear "Muhammad" after one girl's best friend.

A Mosque in Portsmouth has been attacked in apparent reprisal by some mindless English thugs who, if caught will and should be punished to the full extent allowed by law. Escalating these atrocious acts is not acceptable.

BUT it is well past time that the British Imams and Leaders of the British Muslim Community started showing some backbone and condemning those rogue elements of their community that stir up dissent, magnify differences and refuse to allow the Muslims in the UK to integrate properly into UK society.

The UK is well used to immigration and integration and over the centuries we have gained a well earned reputation for being a tolerant and welcoming country and have gained immeasurably from the immigrants that have made this their home and have been absorbed into our culture, thus changing our culture for the better; However, ghettoisation and enclaves has never worked and where that happens, problems occur.

This is being written shortly before 11am on Remembrance Sunday and I sincerely hope that no more similar protests occur and that both communities can get back to getting to know each other as part of the greater whole that is the United Kingdom.

Ghenghis 2010

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