Saturday, 13 November 2010

Just a quicky!

Recently a new site that "Puts the Munters First" was started with a crowd of misbegotten knuckle-draggers who  apparently had left Punternet to get away from the Mods and Admin as they could not say what they thought about us without being banned.
I joined their site so that these cretins could take their best shot at me and see what they got back in return when I was not hampered by being a Moderator and thus able to say what I really thought.
What happened?
They could not face me and so banned me!!  ROTFLMAO
The owner then posted that anyone saying anything he considered derogatory about him or his site anywhere on the web would be banned.
You could not make that sort of shit up!

However, as I know from their posts what sort of woman would suit them down to the ground, I have trawled the web and now offer them a place that will fulfil their wildest fantasies (Well, except the schoolgirl ones).

Women without an opinion


Ghenghis 2010