Friday, 19 November 2010

Madam, your goose is cooked!

Why is it that politicians as a breed do not understand irony and so often take decisions or actions that result in "gift" headlines for the media?

Apparently, a  last-ditch plot to oust Gordon Brown from Downing Street was hatched over roast goose at the country home of Harriet Harman, Labour’s deputy leader,.
The attempted January 6 coup alledgedly led by Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon fizzled out quickly, but the involvement of Labour’s deputy leader shows how serious the threat was to Mr Brown five months before the general election.
Those present for the New Year’s Eve dinner at Ms Harman’s Suffolk weekend retreat, including Ms Hewitt and at least two other senior Labour MPs, are understood to have all agreed that Mr Brown had to go if Labour was to avoid defeat.
In discussions that continued over long walks and late nights, Ms Harman told her guests that — if an opportunity arose — she believed there were at least five members of the Cabinet who would be prepared to tell the Prime Minister “the game is up”.
One of those involved claimed that on their return to London, Ms Harman persuaded the conspirators to delay for 24 hours an e-mail calling for a leadership vote. This meant it was issued at a moment of maximum vulnerability for Mr Brown — when he was doing Prime Minister’s Questions and could not be contacted by aides.
Ms Harman, who has since been accused by one of the plotters of having “bottled it”, yesterday declined to comment on the details, but a spokeswoman , who said she had been a “loyal deputy to Gordon Brown”, also confirmed that Ms Hewitt had spent the new year with her in Suffolk.
“She knew that there was discontent, she had a longstanding friendship with Patricia, but to describe her as the guiding hand of the coup would be wrong.”
Later, the aide denied there was ever an agreement that Mr Brown should go.

This latest example of her perfidy can be added to a whole list of character  flaws that make her unfit for leadership of ANY political party if we want politics to be cleaned up in the UK.  These "flaws of judgement" include:

  • Being the NCCL Legal Officer and signing documents attempting to water down the child pornography laws and proposed legislation at a time when the Paedophile Information Exchange and the Paedophile Action for Liberation were invited affiliates to NCCL (Incidentally when they were invited, Patricia Hewitt was Chair and a certain Jack Dromey, Harman's husband, was a member of its Executive Council).
  • Her total arrogance and disregard of "the common people" evidenced by her refusal to stop and report a traffic accident whilst alledgedly talking on a mobile phone and having a collision with a parked car. "I am Harriet Harman, you know where to find me!" she carolled as she drove off.
  • Her ridiculously misleading usage of statistic on trafficking and support  championing of legislation that makes prostitution (A totally legal activity by the way) a far more dangerous occupation for women than it needs to be.
  • Stabbing her Leader, Gordon Brown, in the back whilst praising him to his face.

The Labour Leadership is now agonising about whether it is better to have Harriet inside the tent pissing out, or outside the tent, pissing in; On her track record the answer is NEITHER, just Piss Off!!

Madame, you are the weakest link, Goodbye!!

Ghenghis 2010

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