Monday, 1 November 2010

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November

two incomes what we like,and if we can't sleep through our shifts,

it's time to go on strike!

It seems as if the unions are hell bent on getting their revenge for Thatcher's brutal crushing of their organisations followed by Blair not repealing anything of the anti-union legislation but instead using it with a will.  Once again, who is in the firing line?  The poor bloody public that's who.

If it isn't Postmen and Train Drivers threatening to bugger up Christmas, airline baggage staff threatening to bugger up holidays and now the Firemen striking on the day of the year people are most at risk from fires and fireworks then it is tube drivers buggering up the working week just because they can.

However, much as I fully sympathise with why the average Union member has been turned from being a reasonably moderate person into lobby fodder for the Trots, there are still solutions to turn the tanker around and get to a stage where we do not go back to the Scargill, Red Robbo days and once again become the "sick man of Europe".  Let's face it, the French and Italians joyfully stole a march on us there and have become synonymous with Strike and let's keep it that way.

The Coalition Government needs to reverse a lot of the anti employee legislation to allow the average worker in the UK to feel that they are valued and valuable.  Then, when that is in place, they need to enact legislation to prevent Employers taking the piss and the same for Unions.

You cannot have an environment in the workplace where "spanish practices" are allowed to breed unchecked but nor can you have one where an employee whose job has certain perks can have those ripped away without compensation.

Maybe if Thatcher and Blair etc had not had such a love affair with selling off everything that was British to foreigners over the years we would also have British Companies that could afford to meet reasonable demands.  We might also have some income streams to the Government that would pay off some of our debt from those nationalised industries that were sold off for votes rather than sustainable assets.

After our fireman have allowed some of us to get burnt to death on Bonfire Night, we will then be into the Christmas period and our Family Cards, Gifts and Aunty Mabel's badly spelled Newsletter will be hostages to fortune as the Coalition tries to sell our British Post Office to Johnny Foreigner whose home country does not allow Les Rosbifs or Das Verdamnt Englanders to own so much as a stamp in the homelands.

So, Trotskyite Union Czars and City Barons now join in the Dance Macabre on the graves of the poor bloody British people.  However, come the Revolution, and be sure these worms will turn one day, you will all be up against a wall.

Ghenghis 2010

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