Friday, 12 November 2010

She can talk too??????

Time after time on Punting Boards I see the eternal battle coming up between the knuckle dragging Neanderthal misogynists and what they derisively call the "Fluffies" about having a drink or a meal or extra time with an escort without (more) shagging being involved.
"Oim a real man me!" they grunt "I pays em the minimum, fucks em the maximum, then buggers off back to tell all me mates in the pub about how I made her squeal like a pig!!" (Omitting the "Paid for it" part to their civilian mates.).  They also proudly boast that they "Were in and out in twenty minutes" !!

Whenever a seasoned punter tells them that they actually spent time with an escort (Insert your word of choice here) other than rogering her senseless and with no attempt whatsoever to make the experience mutually enjoyable, they heehaw like a beach donkey on a hot day and trot out the old tired line about "I don't pay good money to watch a whore drink tea!" or similar about watching her eat a meal.

Well, Newsflash guys; A lot of us DO have a drink with an escort or a meal and we do not pay her anything for it either.  That's because some of us have personalities and also because we have a good attitude.

We tend to treat the lady we are meeting for sex as a human being and a lady (Despite the fact that we are paying her) and we like to smile and have a laugh with her and actually talk to her. If she offers us a drink we do not see it as a ploy to cut down the "rogering her senseless" time, but as an ice-breker of a "welcome back, how are you?" gesture and respond accordingly.  We do not feel guilty about seeing her in the first place, we do not resent her for capitalising on her pussy to make money when we cannot earn via our dicks and we do not see her as a breathing version of a blow-up doll.  In short, we are adults and behave like grown ups.  We find that most escorts have plenty of interest to say and great personalities.

When I meet an escort socially I make one thing VERY clear from the start and that is that I am not going to take the piss and if we end up in bed then I will pay her her going rate for the "intimate time". I do not, and have never, paid an escort to go to lunch, dinner etc or to just talk to me although I would hire them to go to a social event if I needed a companion as some of my friends who are escorts are people that I would love to have on my arm at places like Henley or Ascot.  I find that as long as you have clearly defined boundaries then everyone can relax and enjoy themselves.

I do not go out of my way to select Escorts who will go for a drink afterwards but I often find that if you get along well and are "sympatico" then you often click enough to do that.

Just yesterday I was having a very nice (Paid) session with a lady and then in exchange for her making me lunch took some photos of her for her website and showed her how to upload them etc. After that she asked me to stick around for a couple of hours so I did a few jobs on her site for her and then she took me out for dinner and then as I was leaving gave me a big bag of fruit and some home made food she had cooked me.  Now this was a "one-off" but it is not totally atypical, however when you try and tell the knuckle draggers that they just do not understand it and so refuse to believe it.

Chatting this over with some of the ladies we came to the conclusion that there is a deeply felt aversion in some , for want of a better term, "men" for paying for sex.  They need sex but have always resented having to make any effort to get it and although paying for it is a lot easier than trying to have a relationship they feel self disgust that they cannot pull as well as almost a hatred of a prostitute for giving them what they need but charging them for it. Therefore to balance the disgust they feel for themselves they show outward contempt for "the whores" and attempt to put them down at every opportunity.

My own philosophy on working girls is that I am extremely happy to exchange wrinkled pictures of the Queen in exchange for time making smiles with attractive and sexy ladies who I would have only been able to gaze at from afar as a civilian.  To me, Punting is the best Hobby ever and I just wish I had discovered it earlier in life.

A thank you to all the ladies I have met in the past and to all those I have yet to meet.

Ghenghis 2010

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