Monday, 1 November 2010

Entente Cordiale & Intelligence Coup!

Now that's what I call
"Sans Culottes"!!

Another Victor Meldrew moment today as we saw news of a joint Defence Agreement between the UK and France with the possibility of us fighting together under joint command!  Shome mishtake shurely??  A quick shufti on Wikipaedia will tell Sarkozy and "call me Dave" that the last two times we tried this the French lost their country and it took two world wars to get it back.  Oh, and getting it back ended up with the EU and what a feckn success that has been eh??
Most of the time they are our traditional enemies and good at it.  Let's face it they have never forgiven us for kicking the shit out of Napoleon and their recent history includes bomb attacks on Neutral vessels in a  Commonwealth (Remember Rainbow Warrior?) harbour and supplying spare parts and specialists to keep Argentinian Super Entendards flying and Exocets killing our ships and men during the Falklands conflict.
Also, their main National Celebration is in honour of the storming of a mental hospital and releasing five rather bewildered inmates so we have to ask "Call me Dave!", why????

Another strange news item is that apparently some Al Quaeda operatives decided to send a second hand printer from one of the poorest nations on the Arabian peninsula to the richest nation in the world by air freight, also they decided that it should be apparently sent from a Muslim woman to a Jewish synagogue!
Despite these totally ridiculously incomprehensible situations (Lets face it the air freight charges were more than the value of the printer) the US firm UPS just took the money, bunged what turned out to be a bomb into their plane's hold and sent it on it's way! DOH!

It took an apparent traitor in Al Quaeda's ranks to blow the whistle on the plot in order for anyone to investigate................................

I do not know about you but that makes my feckn mind BOGGLE in extremis!

I suppose that the UPS plane was insured and that there is no shortage of pilots so why would UPS give a shit what was carried?

You could not make either story up, no-one would believe you!!

Ghenghis 2010

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