Monday, 22 November 2010

Call a Cop!

I don't know about you but one thing that really pisses me off is the sight of some cretin with an IQ lower than his shoes size driving a vehicle with a phone clasped to his ear and thus only one hand on the steering wheel, none for the gear-stick, sitting at a junction and looking from one side to the other with the whole arm, elbow bent, head and phone moving from side to side and with most if his vision obscured.

Do these fuckwits give a damn about the danger they are putting the rest of us into?

Do they care that this inattention because of "having" to talk to their mates about which pub to meet in or the 3.30 at Haydock could put the lives of children, pedestrians and other drivers, not to mention motorcyclists or cyclists at risk?

It could be argued "Why should they care?" after all, for years drivers had non-hands free cellphones and the law to be obeyed on NOT "driving without due care and attention" and the Police studiously ignored that law and could not be arsed to follow up complaints about said behaviour, let alone do it first hand and enforce the law of the land.
No, instead the Police, who seem to forget that "Policing by consent" does NOT mean that they have to agree to get off their arses and do the job they are being paid for but instead refers to us, Joe Public, consenting to be policed by a small and unarmed Police Force, lobbied the politicians who just love creating new laws into making a law specifically making the use of a mobile phone illegal whilst moving if you hold it to your ear.
Once they had that law, the second law to cover the same offence, they promptly apparently decided to ignore that law too, despite it being one of the easiest laws ever to enforce.

So, for any Old Bill out there who cannot be arsed to work for a living and who would like some easy nicks to bump up their figures, please Noto Bene:

IF you spot someone on a mobile phone whilst driving and they have it to their ear, just NOTE THE TIME. Stop them asap, arrest them under caution, take down their details including the cellphone number of the phone they were using (Make a test call to get that number yourself) and then let them go. Then obtain the records from the cellular provider which will "prove" the start duration and end times of the call they were making when you observed them.

Job Done!

OK, it isn't as sexy as racing each other across the Manor from opposite ends or playing "Snooker" with car colours but it might make a sizeable dent in the accident statistics and it will get some real numpties off the road or to mend their driving ways.  Worth a try don't you think?

OK, well have another doughnut and think about it.

Ghenghis 2010

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