Friday, 10 December 2010

Universally Challenged!

Pensioners Attacked in Car and threatened with Decapitation

I hope these trendy feckn lefty so called "Professors" of educational establishments (You can't call most of them Universities because a lot are jumped up Poly's in drag, Art Colleges and Teacher Training colleges) are very proud of themselves as they sit in their nice warm staff common rooms in their nicely feathered and protected jobs with great pensions waiting for retirement when they view the anarchy and social disorder that they have encouraged from the sidelines.

Their protΓ©gΓ©s are a disgrace to the country and whatever educational establishment they apparently hail from.

The attacks and mob violence involved causing millions of poundsworth of damage to public buildings, money for repairs SHOULD be taken form the University (ies) that anyone apprehended and convicted as a result that the perpetrators attended.  The statue of Winston Churchill that symbolises the fight FOR Democracy and Freedom and AGAINST Totalitarianism was defaced again, do these numpties understand the word, let alone the concept of "Irony"?? Bomb Proof windows were smashed in in the orgy of destruction, police were injured and the windows of the Supreme Court, the final bastion of Justice in the UK, were kicked in.

To round off their achievements the rentamob anarchists then, fortuitously for them, cornered Prince Charles and his wife Camilla in the Royal Roller on a night out with Robbie Williams.  These brave shining examples of modern youth surrounded the pensioners' vehicle baying and screaming "Off with their heads" and similar mindless calls.  They then attacked the armoured vehicle and sprayed it with paint, rocking it and damaging the bullet proof glass before the Royal couple, shaken but undeterred were driven out of that situation.

Personally I cannot stand Prince Charles, and think he proved his lack of grasp on reality by throwing over Diana after doing his Royal duties and getting her pregnant to resume his ongoing affair with Camilla who even in her best days was called "Horsey" for a number of reasons, BUT he is the heir to the throne and seems hell bent on not standing down in favour of William and so will be our King and give us his Horsey Paramour as Queen some day; Do we really feel that the future Heir to the throne should have to take this treatment from these bastards??   I do not and I hope the Police find them and the courts deal with them harshly.

Everyone in the UK has the right to protest lawfully and peacefully and that is a cherished right worth fighting to preserve but this sickening display just wounds our nation and adds to the costs on an already reeling economy that has forced the cuts and fee rises.

Clearly these Trotskyite mourners for the USSR have forgotten the lessons of the French Revolution which was started by middle class intellectuals who unleashed the terror of the mob and who were the first to be consumed by the mob after they had decapitated the aristocrats. Ditto the Russian version. The attack on Charles and Camilla last night should have been a tocsin bell to the ivory tower Trots and to signal the revolution in which they will be among the first to be consumed by a rage that once unleashed will bring us to being a Lowest Common Denominator Nation.


I was also pretty appalled but not surprised to see the usual suspects lining up to save the great Martyr of the Information Age, Julian Assange from extradition to Sweden on rape charges!

I can understand brainless bimbos who were remittance children and then became famous by marrying someone famous being first in line but it is clear where the real thrust is when you get Pilger and Co, the sort of intellectual lefty rentamob conspiracy nuts, falling over themselves to put up a potential rapist's bail money.

IF he is innocent, then let him face the prosecution and put his case, I am sure you lefties who believe in equality have enough £millions stashed to buy him the best justice to be had in Sweden.

However, this is not about rape, it is about rape being an excuse.

In the case of the current anarchists' agendas, it is an excuse to make a hero out of what is really a pretty tawdry character.

Also, with WickiLeaks, you have to ask yourselves who is it exactly that gains from all the latest leaks?

We can see who loses because it is the Nations that are having their relationships damaged, their secrets revealed and their personnel put at risk of death or other harm.  But the totalitarian States will not in any way be harmed because they already control their communications media and so their populations will never learn these "truths".

So, once again its an example of the continuing struggle between the forces of Anarchy hidden within Democracies where a Nobel Prize Winner is bullied by China and countries are bullied into boycotting the prize ceremony to the deafening silence of the left wing Pilgers and Loaches but where putting the lives of servants of our countries is deemed an acceptable cost of "Freedom"! 

Armchair socialists and Trots should respect and cherish the fact that they do NOT live in Totalitarian States where they would be the first up against the wall by those Governments but instead live in countries that respect Freedom of Speech so much that they allow those who would harm us to remain untouched.  However they are on a slippery slope and a swift glance at history should tell them what is in the abyss.

Ghenghis 2010

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  1. As a PS, it was good to see that the "student" who threw a fire extinguisher off the roof of a building got 32 months and the judge and The Times called for the people that egged him on, like his lecturers were also to blame.