Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Cold cuts and Bubble!

The best meal over the Christmas break, apart from the Christmas Day Turkey and all the trimmings, has to be the one soon after Boxing Day where you taste the first cold meat platter with cold turkey, beef, honey roasted ham, Pork etc all carved off the bone.
This is one that I tend to do for the family and my first job is to take all of the excess veggies produced over the two days for the hot meals like sprouts, mashed pots, roasties, swede, turnips, parsnips carrots and even broccoli (Or devil's food as I term it!) and bung em all in the large mixing bowl and give them a rough mash. Once that's done I get the old "billy-club" out and hand mix the lot to a sort of doughy consistency.
Make balls of the resultant goo about the same size as small snow balls that when patted to 1.5" thick will be about 4" diameter and then cover with flour and fry on a medium heat, turning when brown on bottom.
Take them out of the pan on a fish slice and put them on a foiled oven dish in a Mk5 oven until you need them.  They gently cook there and just get better so at least 15 minutes and up to 45 will do it.
Then prepare a plate of the cold cuts each and liberally add gherkins, onions, Branston, the rest of the redcurrant jelly from Christmas Day and any other pickles you fancy.  If you have any of Richard Phillips ( @RPhillipsChef ) home made picallili then you are a lucky lucky bastard, and that will make it poifek!!
Bung an ice cold beer on the tray too.
Then slap a couple to four slabs of bubble on the plate on top of the meat and take the tray in to your favourite film on telly!


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