Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Christmas Party

I love Christmas Parties and Office ones are the best.  Office Christmas lunches are good too and Dinners great!

Things I love about them:

  • I go balls out at them and don't give a flying fuck who photographs what or says what afterwards.
  • Everyone loosens up and you get a lot of laughs
  • I never know how but I get home eventually intact
  • Some of my best (Civilian) shags have been at or after them
  • You can dance to ridiculous songs and no-one cares
  • The food
  • The Booze
  • The music
  • The fact that a lot of women pretend they are more drunk than they are so they can get their ends away with the bad boys and blame it on the booze afterwards
  • Those amazing clothes the women almost wear at them
  • The Law of Parties that say all women must wear stockings and suspenders
  • The Law of Parties that says being groped by Ghenghis is part of the party atmosphere and a lady should feel insulted if he does not do this.

Things I hate about (Some of) them :

  • The slimey gits that will not loosen up and laugh but instead take notes
  • The bastards who count all the drinks and say "I put £5 into the kitty and only had a lemonade and lime and you had a double scotch!"
  • The cunts who order all the extras and the top of the range stuff but only bung in the minimum
  • Complicated bra-straps when I am so pissed I need both hands
  • People that moan when they come in and find you shagging on their coats
  • People that moan when they find you shagging their Wife/Girlfriend/Sister/Mother/Auntie or combinations of same on their coats
  • The Boss if he is sober
  • The Boss if I am drunk!

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Ghenghis 2010

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