Tuesday, 7 December 2010

First time nerves

A lot of people post about first time nerves on websites and in emails to me and so I thought it was worth covering.

First thing to say is - You are NOT unusual if you have "first time nerves" if you are meeting a Working Girl for the very first punt of your life, or the very first punt with her of your life as a totally experienced punter.

I get them a lot.

If I am meeting a new Indie for the first time, especially one with a great reputation according to my research then I know that everything is stacked in my favour for a great punt, yet still I get nervous; So nervous in fact that some ladies have commented afterwards that they wondered if I would make it through the punt without collapsing!!  LOL.

This set of nerves manifests itself in checking and rechecking details, if travelling to the punt being extremely twitchy about run of the mill and factored in delays or problems, if in a hotel, shaving and reshaving, putting on too much aftershave and adjusting the heating several times a minute.

This in a Punter that is unimaginably old and who only remembers all the lovely ladies he has met in his life on a commercial basis due to the fact that he sees a lot of them so regularly and because of the notes etc kept for FRs or the meeting itself.

I think my nerves, especially now, are an outward show of my hoping that I do not cock up (pun intended) the liaison in any majorly embarrassing way. Also, when I am meeting a person with a great reputation, it is a chance to have a simply amazing punt and so I do not want to let the side down but want to rise to the occasion as it were.

So if you are a newby to this hobby do not worry about the nerves, they are normal.

Get yourself a pre-Punt checklist, and a la Santa, check it twice, when that is done, calm down with ONE relaxing drink to steady the nerves and let the fun begin.

Ghenghis 2010

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