Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I kissed a girl and I liked it.

Today was a pretty amazing day for me.  Amazing? Why? Well, because I went and saw a lady that I had first thought of visiting four years ago and had always bottled it as I had the idea that she was "out of my league" and so I would either be disappointed that she was not as good as I expected or to be proved right and found wanting.

Now I know the knuckle draggers are already reading this and starting the first chorus of "Fluffy Bastard!" (Words are repeated four times to the tune of "Oh my Darling Clementine") [Yes, I know, but no-one ever accused the knuckle draggers of being able to sing or carry a tune!] however bear with me.

The lady in question has a web-site and has a lot of information and pictures showing her figure etc , stating her age and also her likes etc and dislikes so anyone reading it can see all they need to know except one thing, her face is obscured for her security reasons.

Well, a few weeks ago I decided that with all the lovely ladies leaving the industry, if I did not just screw up my courage and call her, I would never know, so I did and arranged a liaison at her luxury apartment.

After a three hour drive in icy conditions I arrived thanks to very good directions and on time too, went to her door and was admitted.  My jaw dropped, she was simply one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, curvy in all the right places, tactile, dressed immaculately and very very friendly indeed.  I had pre-booked a two hour liaison and immediately thought "idiot, it should have been at least three!".

Paperwork out of the way we settled down over a green tea and chatted and within seconds it was like we had been friends for ages. Her laughter was infectious and she was knowledgeable and intelligent.

Things progressed in the time honoured fashion except I kept pinching myself to be sure I was not dreaming, her bust was perfection and normally would have totally absorbed my attention but her eyes were like dark limpid pools that you could dive in to and drown regrette rien.

I still cannot be sure if I preferred her déshabillé' or clothed as for once I had found a woman that looked just as sexy clothed as naked but for sure her company and assurance and hospitality was the same in any state.

Being with her was a total joy and if she was not almost half my age then I would have definitely been after her like a shot as a girlfriend.

You just have to stop for a moment and thank God for this hobby, how else can wrinkly old farts like me get to make love to fantasies in flesh like this for the ridiculous gift of a few pictures of the Queen?

I left, sated, very happy, with great memories and with plans to see her again reasonably soon, her name?  Well, sorry, she does not want me to reveal that here and as a gentleman I always keep my word.

Angels must be weeping today, I have gazed on the face of perfection.

Ghenghis 2010

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