Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Rich get richer??

The loony left are once again banging on about the haves and have nots and offering up ever more ludicrous ways of "levelling the playing field" or "progressive taxation".  ANY and all taxes hit the poorest hardest, it is not rocket science as someone on  £20,000 a year will be worse hit by a price rise on petrol than someone on £200,000, no matter how many cars he owns or what size their engines are.

At the same time the Lib Dems seem NOT to have realised that they have signed up for five years to BE the Government and are seemingly amazed that this means they have to do stuff that is NOT popular.  That does mean that the utopian ideas discussed in lib-Dem strongholds when there was no chance in hell of being elected have to be made fit for purpose in Government.

Whilst this is happening, David Cameron sets his jaw, looks mannish, a real manly man, being of stern stuff and who has learned to play up, play up, and play the game.

A Manly Man
What none of them seem to realise is that the bloody bankers have shafted us big time up the chocolate starfish and no mistake.  Also, despite them having been caught doing that and being bailed out by us, our children and our grand and our great Grandchildren, these bloated hyenas are still whining on about taking their balls and going home if we don't allow them to continue to pay obscene salaries and even more obscene bonus payments.

Well, let's tell these sons of bitches early on in 2011 that the party is over, they have proved that they are incompetent in running banks in anything other than perfect conditions and we now own their fucking balls, shinpads, boots and kit so unless they want to run round naked and homeless they should get in line and wind their fucking necks back in!

It is now 2011, David Cameron, stop posing and start governing.  We need the banks under control, no more stupid privatisations - put new Managers into the Post Office and jack the charges up (Also, put a windfall tax to cover universal service obligations on all of these toryboy competitors who are cherry picking - they can afford it). Then use the increased funds to modernise the current Royal Mail.
Does my jaw look stiff in this?

While you are at it, we DON'T want to be defended by French Aircraft Carriers, the only war the French have ever won since 1066 is the media war to convince the world that all of their people did not just roll over and play dead when the Germans invaded?  French Resistance?  That's as oxymoronic as Military Intelligence.

We do not want our Water owned by the French either, they have a poor track record with water hence having a pole position on bottled water, thats because for centuries they have had "eau non potable" above their taps!

Forget allowing some johnny foreigners to print our banknotes, can you not remember when Hitler tried that??  Keep stuff like that IN the UK.

Oh, and while you buggers are at it, a good idea is to INVEST the money that the average worker is paying into the National Insurance scheme for his or her old age pension, don't use it to pay the current pensioners, that is called a PONZI scheme and is illegal when not done by Governments.  Oh, and if Saint Margaret of Scunthorpe had not used all the shekels she had raised from selling off the Nation's wealth by giving tax cuts to the wealthy then that would have been a good start on the fund.

This is my first rant of 2011 and I am sure it will not be my last!

Ghenghis 2011

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