Sunday, 9 January 2011

Land of Hope & Glory?

Lets get this party started!

For decades now us English have had to put up with the fact that the sheep shaggers, sweaties and caravan club have all got their own anthems which they sing lustily at any and all occasions, in fact the Caravan Club have too many feckn anthems altogether and once "in ale" they can be guaranteed to break into a few ad hoc verses of Fields of Athenry at the drop of a shillelagh.  However, all these erstwhile comrades of the Brit Club (Well apart from those caravanners South of the Border that is) can be guaranteed to boo the bejasus out of the English National Anthem which is also the United Kingdom's National Anthem, i.e., God Save the Queen.

Clearly the English are more than happy to sing "God Save the Queen" lustily on any and all occasions when it is a British occasion or where a theatre programme has just finished or indeed before a cinema performance starts (Those were the days!!  Back off Brussels!) but it is bloody stupid when about to play a Rugby  Match or similar between member countries of the UK.

These other countries have their own anthems so why not England?

Wot?  No Anthem??

Let's face it, we have plenty of good choons to choose from including Land of Hope and Glory, Jerusalem etc or we could go all modern and have "Vindaloo" or even as Billy Connolly suggested the theme tune from "The Archers"; Whatever we have it has to be better than God Save the Queen because it allows all the other constituent countries to give true vent to their feelings and boo the Queen rather than joining in with us English.

I am sick to the teeth of hearing our British National Anthem booed, not by "johnny foreigner" who is allowed to because we boo his too, but by our ain folk!

What we need is our own truly English Anthem that reflects our national pride and which can be listened to in respectful silence by opposing fans as we would respect theirs.

You know this makes sense and it will have the added side benefit that by divorcing "God Save the Queen " from the English National side, all the bogtrotters might come to respect Her Majesty and her choon!

So, lets start today a campaign for an English National Anthem, lets do what we do well, form a committee, ask for input from the community and then have a referendum, but lets try and do all of this within a twelvemonth and let's have a new National Anthem for England by 2012!!

Ghenghis January 2011

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