Sunday, 23 January 2011

Rape in Camden - Dr Brooke Magnanti

BelledeJour or rather Dr Brooke Magnanti has done a re-analysis of statistics on rape in Camden that is well worth reading.

She has sent it to al lot of august bodies and in the main it has been totally ignored for what can only assume are politically correct or politically cautious reasons.

As "they" don't seem to want normal sensible voters to read her work in this field, I have devoted this post to a preview of her work and a link to the whole piece.

Please read it, even if you read nothing else in my Blog.

Ghenghis January 2011

The impact of adult entertainment on rape statistics in Camden: a re­analysis
. 19 January 2011 © Brooke Magnanti

The impact of adult entertainment on rape statistics in Camden : a re-analysis. Brooke L Magnanti, PhD.

A 2003 report on the impact of lap-dancing clubs on sexual assault in Camden, London had significant influence on the perception of the contribution of adult entertainment to crime statistics. In spite of mathematical corrections to the statistics in the report, its original conclusions are still widely reported in both academic and mass media. This paper presents a broader analysis of the impact of lap-dancing clubs by calculating accurate rates of incidence, analysing statistics from a longer time period, and comparing the results with crime rates in neighbouring boroughs of London. The rate of rape in Camden is lower than that in comparable boroughs, including ones with no such clubs. The overall trend for London boroughs, while higher than the national average, shows a decrease where national statistics are on the increase

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