Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Retiring? Moi?

No-one who knows me thinks I am in any way shy or retiring but that is merely the hard outer carapace that I project in order that no-one can see the loveable cuddly person that I am inside - Inside the other three tough and armoured carapaces that is!

Therefore this post is not about that, nor, to universal jubilation from brothel owners, does it mean that I am contemplating retiring as a Hobbyist in the field of punting.  I have no will at all to do that and as long as the body can take the punishment, the shagging will continue unabated.

No, it is just that after a couple of week away from work and then coming back into the rat race with a depression, recession, VAT increases, Managers getting ever nastier in order to prove to their Boss's how tough they are,  people in charge of the Firm's IT that think they should change your hex passwords once a day, the office bores who tell you in minute detail why fuschia is so different from rose as a colour for a necklace (As if I gave a flying fuck either way) or why their deadbeat of a numpty husband is so feckn important in his job as a crossing patrol man, I just get the urge to take myself to a nearby tower and either "go postal" or feckn jump!

The trouble is neither have an appealing outcome.

Therefore the new Plan, which shall be called "Plan G", is to say "Fuck the lot of you!" at work and retire with the maximum amount of spondulicks possible.

Plan G commences today and expect to hear more of it's outworkings during the year.

Whatever happens this time next year I will have more time and dosh available to do what I want to do rather than what "they" want me to.  I shall punt and Blog to my heart's content.

You have been warned!

Ghenghis 2011

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  1. Retirement, go for it. I have seen a friend of mine, same age, retired by his firm several years ago. He enjoys life to the full, travelling and cooking more than he could afford the time to before.

    I feel I want to follow, but never quite pluck up the courage. I am being sent out tomorrow to sort a problem out at a customer for a product I have never used or seen. Many more of these IT assignments will hasten the leaving date.