Friday, 4 February 2011

Ladies or Meat?

Ghenghis' thoughts on the Objectivisation and Commoditisation of women.

Typical Gangsta Vid scene
Last night I was channel hopping in post coital exhaustion after a fantastic couple of hours with a Thai lady in a local brothel and endeavouring to recoup my energy by working my way through a Chinese take-away and found once again that a lot of the music channels were pushing out US DJs, all heavily blinged up and Gangsta with women dancing in the nude or at best lingerie or bikinis, normally with water dripping over them or oil.
These videos are pumped out at all times of the day and night, do not, it appears, have a "watershed" or indeed much censorship.

I then watched a category "15" film which warned me in advance that there would be "Violence, Strong Language and scenes of a sexual nature".

Today I was reading an article in the news showing Sally Bercow, the wife of the Speaker, wrapped in a sheet and although it was not a great shot, it at least only hinted at the nudity but was being pilloried in newspapers that regularly show women nude or semi-nude without a care and a lot of them have a standard topless Page 3 shot which I find almost incredibly Neanderthal in this day and age. How can it be that a man can be fired from a firm for looking at a topless woman on his work PC as it "denigrates women" but be allowed to bring in a paper showing that exact shot and look at it openly in the office without any censure at all?  Society, as I have oft thought, has gone completely barking and the lunatics have definitely taken over the asylum.

I suddenly realised that I was pretty disgusted with how society as a whole portrays women and am not all all surprised that the average hoodies on the sink estates have no respect whatsoever for females, let alone their Mums and herein lies the basis of the rot at the core of the UK.

Now don't get me wrong, I was not riding along on the road to Damascus and a light shone and scales covered my eyes, this was something that I had been noticing if not absorbing over many years and had steadily built up.

I also realise that this point of view coming from a whore monger* such as myself seems at beat naive and at least hypocritical but it is not in my mind, allow me to explain why, also some background.

Despite the current statistics being misleading and based upon over small sampling, it appears from my researches that the average man or woman in the world has under twenty partners in their entire lifetime.

Research is badly affected by the fact that men exaggerate (lie about) their sexual conquests and always claim more scalps than they have actually taken in order to be "a real man" and women tend to underplay their "promiscuity" in order not to be termed a slag or slut.

In my case I have made smiles with several hundred ladies so far and expect to increase that before I die due to the fact that I have never found two ladies or their assets the same and am always immensely surprised and pleased at the variety and availability of the market.  Everyone is an individual.

Therefore it seems weird that someone like me should firstly have a moral compass at all I suppose and even more strange that I think society is as it is.

However, I am not about to go and join the local Mosque, pray several times a day and insist all women should be covered in a Burqha when out in public.  Just that in my opinion, that we need to ease on the brakes here and bring the world our children and grand-children are growing up in to a halt as regards sexuality and start to reverse the trends.

This does NOT mean that grown adults should not be able to see pornography or that said pornography should be banned.  But it does mean that Porn should be difficult to obtain and that once obtained it should be treated like a shotgun and locked away from children.

It also means that newspapers should strip their pages of any and all gratuitous "nudie" pictures unless it can be proved that the publishing of the shot is entirely in the public interest and that the story would be meaningless without it.

It also means that the video nasties that are currently American and Wannabe American Gangsta DJs would be forced to submit their videos to a properly instructed censorship panel.  That same censorship panel would also be told to tighten up their controls and clean up their acts so that CORRECT classifications should be made for films.  Films that are for adult audiences because of explicit sexual scenes should be termed pornographic and labelled as such for the buyers and broadcasters.  Also violent films where for instance someone is being killed explicitly with a chainsaw for example, should be termed pornography.

Although in some cases it would be difficult (Like putting toothpaste back in a tube) it also needs to be applied retrospectively.

When I pay money to sleep with a prostitute, the lady in question has made an informed decision as to how she wants to make money in life and comes to that transaction willingly as do I. In my (paid) time with that lady I treat her with respect and affection despite getting down and doing things that my dear old Mum still thinks are "grounds for divorce" for even thinking about, let alone trying to do.  I get embarrassed seeing Page 3 pictures on the tube even though I am more than happy to examine the minute details of a new breast in person and see no hypocrisy in holding both views concurrently.

All of the Ladies who have slept with me for money have been human beings, not lumps of meat, they have families, in some cases children and brothers and sisters and whenever we sit and chat over a cup of coffee they all seem to feel the same in that they, despite being "scarlet women" and generally despised by the other women in the UK, have a strong moral compass when it comes to what their own children are exposed to.

So, how do we put the Genie back in the lamp here?  Maybe we all need to start tweeting and talking in pubs or at work about how it is time for change and time to allow the children to grow up a bit before being sexualised?  Maybe it is time to complain when a Gangsta Rapper has a video showing women as his sex slaves? Maybe it is time to start regarding ladies as equal participants in the world and not the goods and chattels of men to dispose of how we want?
Let's go and retake the moral highground.

Ghenghis 2011

*whore monger: Punter, a man who pays for the sexual services of prostitutes.

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