Friday, 5 August 2011

Travellers Tales

A friend of mine on Twitter who is one of the more articulate and travelled punters asked me to do a Blog entry about "Sex in an Islamic State" and upon reflection this seemed like something fun to write about as there are still a lot of people who think that everywhere of that nature is ruled by Mad Mullahs and Sharia Police and that just thinking of sex as a westerner can get you beheaded.  So here goes.

Dubai still under construction
Dubai is one of my real bΓͺte noire of the places to go because it is so hypocritical. They give you an image of hedonism and unparalleled freedoms where the reality is from the moment you arrive you are treated with contempt by officialdom, the majority of the buildings are unfinished shells which are lit at night to give the illusion of untrammelled growth  and everything overpriced.
Hotels are very expensive but virtually all of them do have working girls operating in them and in their night clubs attached.  Competition is high for these ladies and so it is best to decide early on which one you want and then secure her services.  This in Dubai however is a very expensive option as they tend to want feeding and watering as well which really racks up the overall cost.
I have done it there for the experience but ONLY for the experience and will not repeat that or indeed return if I have any say in the matter.
Ghenghis Punting Index for Dubai puts it at -5 (Out of 1-10)

Now this is an interesting one as the one thing you do have to realise is that although Algeria does not have any real tourist industry it does have an extremely effective and large secret police force and so if you are planning on punting just be aware that this will be noted in the archives.
Having said that most hotels there have a reasonable selection of ladies to choose from however the ability to speak French is preferable if you are going to negotiate as they all start high.
A typical punting evening starts over dinner where you are warmed up by the "local" belly dancers. Strangely enough in Algeria, virtually all of these belly dancers are Russian and speak good English.  A few minutes hovering near the lift (As they all tend to live on the premises) tends to elicit that they also supply additional services and this tends to result in a more reasonably priced encounter but without the local frisson.
Alternatively the local girls hunt in pairs and are to be found in all of the hotel bars.  These will be dressed in Western fashion and will be chatting away, apparently animatedly to each other, however looking directly at them tends to elicit a smile and a wave.  There appears to be a common rule that they are not allowed to approach you directly so a gesture for them to join you will be ignored but if you walk across and introduce yourself the ladies will within seconds start price negotiations for the overnight. They tend not to do 1-2 hours but will happily price that if asked.  After that it is a trip to the check in to get them registered (For Police and Fire purposes) and then you can take them up to your room and try what you have purchased. Algerian ladies tend to be highly enthusiastic and you can have a great time however caveat emptor as with all things punting, if there is a bum note in the bar, do NOT ignore it.
Ghenghis Punting Index for Algeria puts it at +5 (Out of 1-10)

Morocco is a haven for punting in North Africa and the Islamic countries although as with everything, including it's great religious tolerance, it is not evident on the surface.
All of the major cities have bars/nightclubs with selective entry which locals and westerners of a reasonable dress code can gain admittance to and which offer dining, drinking and dancing.  A lot of these are also frequented by the higher end of the working girl community and your hotel concierge, if asked discretely, will point you towards one within reasonable distance of your hotel.
Once there, just going to the bar or going on to the dance floor (Even accompanied by a lady) will make you available to be hit on by ladies of negotiable virtue who will dance alongside you or even with you and then ask you to buy them a drink (Normal bar prices NOT £200 bottle of 'champagne' ).  Over the drink they propose prices and venues.  Be warned, if they go back to your hotel, you will have to buy a cheap room for them, if you go back to their room it is riskier but cheaper.  Your choice.  You do get some genuine French girls there working but in the main they are local ladies.
Another new thing that is taking hold is Hammam Massage which is a "Turkish" Bath experience but with exfoliation. Ensure that the Spa you use is staffed by ladies though as normally they are available for me, staffed by men and that is a totally different experience!!  The one staffed by ladies and recommended by the concierge tend to be ones where, after the whole refreshing and cleansing is completed by a buxom young lady in a wet suit, she is then persuaded to remove the wet suit and join you for a gloriously sweaty romp. Be warned though that these young ladies do not carry condoms and so if you want the ultimate climax to this even you need to bring your own which they will enthusiastically employ.
Following the Hammam, you are taken to a rest area where you cool down on a bed with scented rose water dripped on you and mint tea.  Once you have calmed sufficiently round 2 starts where another young lady takes you into a massage room where unguents and creams are liberally employed and the result of any excitement is dealt with joyfully for a small additional charge agreed.
After that you are offered a shower before leaving, and if there is any life in the old dog by that time, a charming new young lady will assist you to remove any lingering stiffness.
When you are dressing, the various ladies will visit you for their agreed "presents" which they receive courteously with a kiss.
Ghenghis Punting Index for Morocco puts it at +9 (Out of 1-10)

Finally, Pakistan.  Now those of you who know me, know that I tend to be equally at home in Islamic countries as with others however Pakistan is one of my favourites.  Despite all the Newspaper hysteria, it is generally a very peaceful country with the majority of people interested in feeding themselves and their families, having somewhere reasonable to live, get their children properly educated and having a job to pay for these benefits.  Yes there is a lot wrong too but on balance I like the place and the people.
In Pakistan the whole sex industry is underground and you do need the help of a trusted local to get in on the scene however once in you can do anything from sex parties to individual punts.  The punts tend to be at your hotel or flat if you are a westerner and the parties at friends flats.
Straightforward punts tend to be overnighters and for a fixed price you have all the sex you can both handle. Although again they also have Russian girls working, you can also get local girls but check the ages as looks can be deceptive and girls get married there at 14 and you need to be sure.  I tend to ask specifically for NOT under 25 which means they are of working age in the UK and meet my own moral stance.
The sex parties are where a varying number of ladies do increasingly more erotic and explicit dances, individually and a s a group whilst the attendant males eat, drink alcohol and smoke (Smoking is a bane in Islamic countries as a rule) and then at points in the evening, one of more of the performers and guests retire to one of the bedrooms to make smiles. Depending on the generosity of your host/friend, you will either be insulting him if you offer to pay or sometimes if you don't but it is sensible to ask prior to the event in all cases.
Ghenghis Punting Index for Pakistan puts it at +7 (Out of 1-10)

So, a very small taster of Punting in Islamic countries but hopefully one where you can get a glimpse of the possibilities and realise that it is not the barren wasteland for punting as it sometimes is portrayed but rather a chance to gain experiences.

Ghenghis 2011


  1. You forgot to mention Tunisia.
    From what I've gathered on my travels there it's as follows:

    Medina: Medinas transform at night time into a red light district. Most definitely in Sousse you can see many men entering at night. Inside they are taken to wherever the WG is operating from for services agreed.
    Pricing is done by bartering.

    Cafe: there is a preconception that Tunisian women that smoke and sit alone in cafe's are WG's as it's generally frowned upon to smoke as a Tunisian woman. You can approach these women but being subtle and discrete is key. Once a price has been agreed then the WG will take you to her place for service.

    Hotels: operate a strict policy. Tunisian women cannot generally stay with you unless married.

    Not sure about the hammam, night club and bar scene. But from what I've gathered anything is available as long as discretion is used.

  2. Thanks for that addition, although I have been to Tunisia, I was accompanied and so punting was not an option so I have no knowledge of that scene there.

    Thank you.