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Ask Oscar

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As Oscar Wilde once said Questions are never indiscreet: answers sometimes are

As you may know I have started a new site which is and that is a site where Working Girls and Punters can have a bit of a laugh without getting too serious.

You are all welcome as members there, especially if this is reciprocated and you do not abuse my hospitality too much.

In order to find out more about the people that inhabit our demi-monde, I have a few questions that I would appreciate the ladies and gents answering as honestly as possible and the answers will be published on my web site.

I have put them below here so if you are interested in answering some or all of them then please do so and send them to me at the site . The questions are not too intrusive and answer what you like and leave out any you don't.

Ghenghis 2010

You can include any contact details, links to your websites and adverts with your responses and it is all free and just for fun and to get to know you better.

Questions for the Ladies are:

Questionnaire – Working Girls

(Ladies, feel free to answer any or all of these questions and feel free NOT to answer the ones you do not wish to answer – However, the answers WILL be published on the web on my site)
Working Name

Contact Details

Do you have a website and or a Blog?

Are you married, in a relationship or single? 

Do you work as an Independent Escort, for an Agency or in a Parlour? .

Have you ever worked in a parlour or for an agency and if so what made you change? 

What made you decide to start Escorting? 

What do you prefer to be known as ?  Working Girl, Escort, Prostitute, Courtesan etc?

Were you very nervous when you started as a Working Girl? 

Do you ever worry about your personal safety? 

What aspects of the job do you most enjoy? 

What parts of the job do you like the least? 

Do you ever regret taking up this work?

What sort of work did you do before you took up escorting?

Have you ever been asked for Bareback sex by a Punter? If so, how did you react? 

Have you met Punters you were certain were high on drugs?  Or Drunk?

Where do you get most of your work ? (Internet, Adultwork, Punting Site, adverts, etc?

What are your plans for 2011? 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? 

What is your natural hair colour?

Is your hair that colour at the moment? 

Does penis size matter?

Have you had Group Sex or been to a Swingers Party? 

Do you drive? 

Do you watch much TV or listen to much music? If so what do you like and what do you detest?

Do you socialise much with other Escorts or Punters or do you prefer to keep your work and private lives separate? 

On the whole, how have you found the people you have met through working in the sex industry? Would you say most are nice people or have you experienced backbiting and bitchiness? 

If you could have chosen your breast size, what size would you have chosen to be? 

How long, on average, do you spend getting ready for each Punter? 

Do you ever cook? Can you cook? 

What are your favourite foods? 

Where were you born?

Where do you work? 

Are you self conscious about your body? Do you ever feel embarrassed taking your clothes off in front of a Punter? 

Finally, is there anything that I have not asked you that I should have?  If so what is it and what would be your answer?

Questions for the fellers are:

Questionnaire – Punters

How long have you been Punting? 

What's the most you have ever spent on a Punt? 

Do you ever regret starting Punting? 

Have you ever been threatened with violence or assaulted while on a Punt? 

What is the most times you have Punted a single girl? 

What are you hobbies and interests outside Punting? 

Have you ever been ripped off by a Working Girl? 

Do you still see yourself Punting in 10 years time? 

Are you married, in a relationship or single? 

If you are married or have a girlfriend, have you ever come close to being found out? If so, how? 

Have you ever met a Working Girl you would have left your wife/partner for? 

Have you done things sexually with Working Girls that you have never done with your wife or girlfriend? If so, what? 

Do you ever feel guilty after a punt and wish you had spent your money on something else? 

Have you ever fallen in love with a Working Girl or developed an unhealthy obsession for one? 

How often do you Punt? 

Have you ever met a Working Girl you were certain was on heavy drugs? 

Have you ever been offered drugs by a Working Girl? 

Have you ever been offered Bareback sex by a Working Girl? 

How do you dress? Are you a jacket and tie man or do you prefer to be casual? 

Have you ever felt embarrassed about the way you acted on a Punt after you had left? 

Have you ever got yourself in debt or been unable to pay a bill because you spent your money on a Punt? 

If things were different, do you think you could ever settle down with a Working Girl? Would it bother you what she did for a living? 

Do you socialise with working girls? 

Have you ever been seen out with a working girl by a friend or relation of hers or yours? 

Why do you punt? 

Have you ever seen a working girl at your work? 

Do you prefer to see the same girls? 

Do you like girls to be the same age or younger or older? 

Do you like girls that have the same likes and dislikes as your partner? 

At what age did you first punt? 

How do you book? 

Would you take a working girl to the same restaurant as your wife/partner? 

Do you sometimes sleep with non working girls? 

Do you visit a GUM clinic and how often? 

Finally, is there a question that I should have asked you and didn't?  If so, what was it and what is your reply?

Ghenghis 2010

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